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Hyundai Mobis develops world-first rollable vehicle display, stretches up to 30 inches or more

by Dennis Mathu
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Hyundai Mobis , a car parts manufacturer, has developed the world’s first rollable display for use in motor vehicles.

The display which can be extended to up to 30 inches has several settings; the first one is fully retracted mode for a full-screen experience with a 16:9 aspect ratio to watch videos when in park, when the engine is turned off, or when charging an EV. The next mode has the screen one third up when minimum driving information is required. Finally there’s a two thirds up for navigation.

The rollable display is initially intended for luxury car brands in North America and Europe, and is based on technology that has already been partially deployed in the smartphone and TV sectors and has shown to be reliable and durable.

While the rollable display is primarily meant to be fitted where a navigation system is currently installed, it may also be rolled down and placed on the ceiling between the front and rear seats. This would be appropriate for purpose-built vehicles for recreational activities and families. The display can also be installed sideways adjacent to the seats of the car.

Hyundai Mobis’ rollable display is available in QHD resolution or higher, and the company can produce super-sized displays of 30 inches or larger, requiring only 12 cm (approx. 4.7 inch) of depth when fitted on the dash.

Han Young-hoon, vice president and head of Electronics Convenience and Control (EC) at Hyundai Mobis, said: “We are looking forward to becoming a game changer in the automotive display market with our differentiated technology. We will pioneer the global market by driving the trend of new infotainment technologies.”

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