Don’t you have enough to worry about? Technological advances are dreamt of and created specifically to benefit businesses, acquire valuable information (making the unknown known), and making everyone’s lives that much easier. Today, we’re sharing three reasons why moving your business to a managed cloud system, like Microsoft Azure, is the right thing to do.

  1. Cost Efficiency.

If you can improve your business, manage data, and make your day-to-day less stressful without spending extra money, it makes the choice much simpler. When you select a cloud system, you won’t have to splash down a lot of money to get going.

Azure, as well as other services, operate as a pay-as-you-go service, or monthly subscription. Furthermore, you aren’t paying for an assortment of features you won’t use. You are only paying for exactly what you need, like SQL databases and cloud and app services.

From there, employing managed hosting can save in staffing costs by keeping IT expenses focused on one area. It’s also much less expensive than purchasing additional on-site storage. All in all, you’ll be getting a lot more for the money you spend.  

  1. Security.

Leveraging the benefits is all in the setup, and managed hosting allows for everything to be accounted for. Solutions like VLANs, firewalls, and more are used on virtual servers to keep all of your business’s data safer than ever before.

The security you get with a managed cloud is comparable to security you can expect from on-site machines. Yet again, it is more cost effective. Your business won’t have to deal with the hazards, maintenance, and downtimes associated with operating your own system in-house.

And not only is your data secure, it can be recovered quickly. Because cloud computing allows access from virtually anywhere, solutions can be deployed on the spot.

Keeping tabs on all of the above is simpler with managed cloud as well. With accurate reporting, analysis can occur rapidly from one screen. This is a stellar example of how the cloud streamlines processes and makes everything much more transparent, so there are fewer fact-finding missions.  

  1. Dependability.

Azure in particular offers businesses the ability to go hybrid. This way, if you have on-site resources already in place, you won’t need to scrap the system or maintain them separately to get the most out of each. Systems too demanding to depend on virtual servers can be augmented with physical, and still work together.

The ability to customize this way is essential in an arena which evolves very rapidly. Managed cloud systems can be upgraded and amended to suit needs without sinking extra money or completely re-strategizing: the infrastructure is already there and capable of evolving with your business.

This also applies to times when your company can reasonably anticipate a temporary increase in business, such as a holiday season in the retail sector.

Don’t get stuck on one solution for all your computing needs. Create your own system, and keep it running seamlessly with a managed cloud system that’s fast, secure, and tailored to handle company demands.