5 secrets to writing like a pro

Everyone aspires to write like a pro. It feels great when you write and get tons of positive comments admonishing you for a perfectly crafted paper or the professor giving you that million dollar smile. In my many years of writing, I have come to realize that many people still struggle with their writing and some who cannot cope with theirs hired an academic essay writer.

Writing becomes easy when you know the secret to writing like a pro. Here, we will discuss those secrets in details.

  1. Write Everyday

You will hardly get better or make significant progress at what you do if you do not do or practice it regularly. Writing is also like playing a musical instrument – the more you practice, the more you become perfect. You might make mistakes while writing; your writing improves as you identify and correct the mistakes.

Now, start by writing copies or essays that interest you. Write on something that motivates or interests you, like a story or an incident that occurred around you. As a beginner, start writing without paying attention to grammar errors or spelling mistakes. There would be time to make corrections, so try not to stop the flow.

  1. Get Professional Help

You can start writing like a pro by taking cues from others. Seek help from professionals providing write my paper for me help and get ideas from how they write. Professional writers have many years of writing experiences behind them and can help you get a perfect copy anytime. Beside the clue, papers written by professionals will also get you good grades.

  1. Paragraphs fulfil A Purpose

Make each paragraph interesting to read and support a single idea. Ideas already covered should not be repeated in other paragraphs. Offer something new in each paragraph. Make use of short sentences, especially when creating copies for the web. The short sentence we are talking about can be three to four sentences long. And try to include enough facts in each paragraph to make your copy richer and cause readers to develop more interest.

  1. Eliminate fluffs

Many writers are guilty of this while creating contents with a specific word count in mind. Many, in a bid to meet the word count, add unnecessary paragraphs or words in their paper. Fluffs do more harm than good. It shows a sign of unprofessionalism.

You might be wondering why you need to take down something you have written or tag it fluff. But trust me, getting rid of it will do more good than harm. Extra words suck the life out of your work. In fact, your ideas will have more punch when you express them with fewer words.

For instance;

  • He noticed that she was angry
  • Can be written as – He noticed she was angry
  1. Stop Using Passive Voice

Using passive voice in excess will destroy your writing and make it difficult to read. Most writers do not consider this that is why they hardly please their targeted audience or whoever reads their work.

Passive voice requires you to make use of too many weaker words. It makes use of words like am, being, has, had, were and others. Avoid these weak and dull words to make your copy look more professional and interesting to read.


You may have been struggling with how to draft a perfect copy. Everyone has been through this phase before including me. However, you can improve your writing if you desire and work towards it. These tips will help you improve your writing. We also hope they open your eyes to some of the mistakes you make while writing, so you can avoid them and write like a pro.

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