In order to deliver a well informed and comprehensive review of a phone, I get the pleasure of using that very device as my daily driver for a while, during this time, I get a first-hand experience of the strengths and weaknesses of that gadget. This week I am using the Fero Iris and these are the 5 aspects that I think would have made this phone greater.

Bigger battery

The Fero Iris only packs 2500 mAH battery, this setup can take you through a whole day if and only if you use the phone sparingly. Leaving the 4G data on all day will get you looking for a wall socket by mid-afternoon. A 3000 mAH battery would have done the trick.

Fast charging

We are living in the era where 5 minutes of charge enables a user to have 10 hours of call time like on the Infinix Note 3. Other phones like the LG V20 take around 90 minutes to charge from zero to 100%. The Fero Iris takes nearly 3 hours from 0-100% charge, its excruciatingly slow. Infinix produces budget oriented phones and they manage to have some form of fast charging feature built in so Fero has no excuse.

Better selfie camera

Selfies are all the rage nowadays, companies have been built around this trend alone. A decent selfie camera has become a standard in all phones the same way flash become a mandatory complement of the rear cameras. Fero Iris has a 2MP camera that does terrible photos. The 2MP part is not the issue since the Samsung Galaxy S4 has the same resolution but stil manages to produce beautiful selfies, the Fero team either used a weak sensor or they did not work on the photo processing software bit. If only they released an update that makes the selfies to have less noise and retain more detail, that would be great.

More RAM

Fero Iris only brings 1GB RAM to the table, this amount is sufficient for doing mundane tasks but start multitasking like switching between the Google Keep note taking app to Google Play music and you will notice a stutter of the interface. I can only imagine playing games while doing other background tasks will not be pleasant. 2GB RAM would have been great, there are phones that cost less than 10,000 like the Infinix Hot 4 that come with double the 1GB RAM that the Iris offers.

Fully stock software

The Fero Iris comes with stock software, that’s true for the most part but there are some inconsistencies. For instance, the launcher has no app drawer which means that all your apps are scattered on the home screen, It can be a mess real quick. In addition, the android navigation buttons have been altered such that the multitasking button has to be pressed and held to bring up the multitasking panel, a single touch brings up menus. Basically, the button works the same way as menu key that used to be in older android versions. Android 6.0, which is running on the Iris, only needs one tap to take you to the multitasking panel, but Fero changed that.