Mobisol, a pay-as-you-go smart solar home solutions firm today officially launched in Kenya amidst celebrating reaching out to 200,000 beneficiaries in East Africa. “Our systems are designed to power entire households and even businesses with a variety of highly efficient DC appliances,” said  Mobisol’s CEO Thomas Gottschalk. “Many of our customers in Tanzania and Rwanda not only run 32 inch flat screen TVs with their system, but also power haircutters and hair-straighteners simultaneously, while entertaining their barbershop customers with music stereos.”

The firm says its solar systems are available in different sizes ranging from 80 to 200 Watt and can illuminate a medium-sized home with seven LED bulbs, power a radio, charge various mobile phones and run a TV – simultaneously.

Its large systems can can power multiple lights, laptop/TV, a DC refrigerator and charge up to ten mobile phones parallel. Mobisol also offers a “Business out of a Box” feature, which enables entrepreneurial customers to set-up income generating activities such as barbershops as well as phone and solar lantern charging stations.

The firm celebrated its Kenyan market entry with an installation ceremony in Kiambu County where they installed a 120Watt solar system at the premises of its 200,000th beneficiary, John Kimani Wanjiru.

Gottschalk is banking on the fact that Mobisol solar systems are ten times bigger than those of their competitors able to power up more appliances than just mobile phones and light.

Mobisol is already operational in Tanzania and Rwanda, where it has already installed over 40,000 solar systems, an estimated 4 MW of decentralized solar electricity to rural areas. The firm also aims to connect approximately 13,000 businesses in East Africa to generate an significant additional household income of over 5 million USD per year.