We live in a time when job security is as fragile as it’s ever been but that doesn’t stop tech developers to come with new innovative ideas and concepts that promise to revolutionize the way people think and act. To be more precise, there are many individuals of immense talent that are promoting some really smart robots right now. This made us think a little and now we’re giving you the top 6 jobs that robots might end up being better at the humans in the not so distant feature. If you’re prepared to face some interesting yet maybe ugly truths about the future of certain jobs, keep reading this article.

Guards and security agents

One of the recurring things that we see in media about dystopian futures is the fact that the law and security is handled by robots. Of course, we’re not talking about the little robots that can barely make it down a flight of steps right now. We’re talking about the big, tank-like inventions that might get created in real life in the near future. Just imagine having a towering hunk of metal armed with some very dangerous forms of crowd control, maintaining security. That can be quite scarry actually, considering that hackers are probably not going to just disappear.

Factory workers

When you think about some of the people that work in factories, they’re already acting like robots due to the very automatic nature of their job. Companies might decide to just replace them for the real deal and that would mean that all our products would be built and prepared by machines. That could mean an immense boost in productivity but it would also mean losing the human touch that some items desperately need in order to retain a certain charm.


When you think about it, a pharmacist’s job is to follow a script basically and give you the appropriate medicine based on your symptoms. Robots might take their place in the near future as pharmaceutics companies might choose to employ robots equipped with high end software and databases. This would result in people being able to get some very accurate results for their needs, but it would have to match the script and that’s also worrying.


Driving advertisement cars, taxis or any other type of car requires some skill behind the wheel. However, a robot might be able to take that job and maximize efficient my automating the process completely. The first batches of automated cars are on the streets right now and companies like Tesla are heavily pushing for self-driving cars. This could mean a very bleak future for professional drivers that might get challenged in both their ability to drive and their knowledge of the city and the best routes for every destination.

Desk jobs

There are many desk jobs that imply a really simple task.  There are many duties that come with the position of secretary, receptionist or anything in between. However, when you boil it down, it all resumes to storing and managing data. And what’s best at that if not a robot. Pretty soon, we might see doctor’s offices having a robot taking care of appointments or giving patients additional information, which yet again, might raise some mixed feelings.