A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a group of discrete networks organized together over an internet. It provides you a secure and reliable connection with another network. A misconception about VPNs is that it is only beneficial for business users but its unlimited security features makes VPNs equally advantageous for home users as well. VPN works as a bridge between two LANS. If you are facing privacy issues with your network VPN is here to resolve it as data transmission is completely encrypted. Internet community cannot read your data and they are unaware of what you do online.

VPN encompasses the following features.

Stay Safe from Hackers

One of the best feature of VPN is it creates a roadblock for online hackers. When you share your sensitive data online it can be stolen by digital criminals. It includes you payment data and credit card numbers. They can also have your medical records to make fake insurance accounts and you have to pay bills for this, and that day you will consider yourself most silly person alive. It is better not to regret and keep your data safe from all the prying eyes using VPN which provides strong encryption to protect your network traffic.


Anonymous Browsing

Want to hide your location and identity? By using one top VPN listed on  itday.com, you will be able to do this too. Your IP address is recorded by every single website owner whose website you ever visited. They can store this information for many years. VPN provides you with intermediate VPN servers when you want to connect to internet and websites will record the IP address of VPN server. In this way your true IP address remains protected. Another interesting feature is that VPN change you IP address automatically after short time period.

Secure Wi-Fi hotspots

Wi-Fi hotspots are horrifically insecure. All the data you send or receive over your wireless network, your email, web searches can be easily captures by anyone and you will be completely unaware of this theft. Sometimes a laptop can be used as a legitimate Wi-Fi Hotspot. You connect to the hotspot but in real you are sending all your data to a hacker’s laptop. By using VPN you only let them to track encrypted gibberish and they will possibly never able to crack it.

Prevents Spying

When you are a using an open Wi-Fi at some public place anyone could eavesdrop on you as hotspot don’t use wireless encryption so he can easily capture you data and see what you are doing online. Even wired internet connections have the same security risks. Whenever you are accessing an untrusted network always use VPN for secure connection. Your data will remain encrypted and private even when you are using public Wi-Fi hotspot on your mobile devices.

Unblock websites

In some countries censorship is imposed on Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp and other internet services, if you are living in one of those countries you can’t have any access over these application. In other words you have limited access to World Wide Web. You can easily tunnel out of restrictions and can have full access to these services by just using VPN server. However your internet speed will be a bit slower than the usual internet connection.

Controlled Access

In case you are running an organization or business, private network will cost you much more than VPN as your company expands and hence will need more lines to connect them to each other.  Through VPN you can access information remotely even from home. VPN provides quality of service and this way productivity can be increased.

Prevents Search Engines to keep your Search records

Every search you ever performed is directly linked to your IP address automatically and search engines have a complete record of your searches. With your search record you can be easily identified and not a single piece of information remained private. But if you are connected to internet through VPN no one can trace your real IP address and all your personal information is kept private.

With growing internet technology and having a lot personal data online, everyone wants to be safe and sound in their real lives. Now you can enjoy protection using VPN service.


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