Ping Express, a money transfer provider for the African diaspora, has launched remittance services in Belgium, Spain, Germany, France, Holland, Austria, Italy and all over Europe.

“Since Ping Express, launched its remittance services, one year ago in the United Kingdom, our customers have made significant demands for its convenient, cost-effective and unbeatable exchange rates, thus it makes sense to extend our services to customers in other European countries who are asking for it,” said Anslem Oshionebo, Ping Express CEO. “The Introduction of our remittance services in these countries will allow for African diaspora from Nigeria and Ghana to send money to their beneficiary’s bank account or buy airtime top-up, instantly at lower transaction fees and better exchange rates.”

To send money by Ping Express, users can access the service either through the website or the Ping Express app which can be downloaded from the IOS and Android (google play) store. The money is instantly deposited into the beneficiary’s bank account while putting a smile on their faces.

Ping Express will continue to connect to mobile wallets and bank accounts in countries with significant diaspora and where there is a demand for cost-effective, safe remittance services within the next few months.

Also, the Ping Express family unveils musical maestro Akinmayokun Awodumila, popularly known as Mr. May D as a brand ambassador to help preach its low-cost online money transfer to Africans in diaspora.

 Ping-Express, an award winning online remittance technology platform that enables you to send to your loved ones instantly through its website or app from 27 European countries. The recipients can receive money instantly in their bank accounts.