Launched in June last year, Kenya’s Afrivazi aims to be a marketplace for top African fashion designers linking them to customers around the world as well as connecting them to their peers and fans across the globe.

Founded by Valerie Nyamwaya, a fashion designer herself, the platform aims to revolutionize fashion in Africa and as well as open the world to experience top designs by African established fashion designers. The platform also aims to give upcoming designers an opportunity to sell to the world and make money out of their hardwork and creativity.

Nyamwaya says she started by hosting fashion events and later thought of creating an online home for the designers to sell their works and also give a chance to fashion lovers locally and internationally who wouldn’t make it to their events but have a passion for quality designs.

The platform now helps its members to sell their wares and have them delivered to their homes and offices conveniently. The site also uses social media pages and events expos and trade fairs to help increase sales for Kenyan designers and ensuring local designers are able to earn a living from their work.

AFRIVAZI is coined from AFRI , short for Africa and VAZI Swahili for clothing so the platform promotes African designs. “We all have a story to tell about where we come from, where we are going, what we have been through, our aspirations and the list is endless,” she writes on the site. “All in a bid to define ourselves create our space and make an impact. AFRIVAZI combines the stories of different designers to tell a tale that speaks of an untold beauty that lies in our rich African culture expressing what we believe in, what we love, what we value and who we are.”

AfriVazi  is like Tanzania’s African Fashion and with a slightly similar model to Soko.