AFROPX, is an online marketplace and gallery for African visual contents such as photos, videos, illustrations set to launch this month to transform access to images on the African continent by connecting African visual artists and contributors – photographers, video makers, designers to the global market.

Though not the first such platform in Africa, AFROPX says it aims to meet the growing demand for quality visual contents illustrating the realities, the diversity and the dynamism of African societies and economies.

“This demand is led by media, advertising and communication agencies, as well as companies which operate on the continent and beyond,” says the firm. “AFROPX is capturing a new vision of the rising continent, driven by talented African photographers, video makers and graphic designers.

Co-founded by Célia Gremy, stock photography marketplace will have both still images and videos both premium and royalty free images and illustrations for its users in Africa and across the world.

Its major competition will be Snaphubr, foto, PhotoMasters, AfricaKnows, Foto, Yellenpix, Africlips among others.