When it comes to buying spare parts or auto parts in Nigeria, you have to visit the market with a mechanic whom you believe can differentiate between counterfeit and original. Also, if the mechanic is unreliable as he may collude with the seller to shoot up the price or buy a substandard part. And if you decide to go on your, you may end up buying fake.

You are in a dilemma. It is either you go on your own or you go with a mechanic. How about not going with anyone of them and ordering your spare parts online?

Yes, this is now possible with AutoSelect. Autoselect is an online marketplace dedicated to auto parts.

Founded by Olu Okusanya in 2016, you can buy the spare parts of a wide range of cars from Toyota, Chevrolet, Infinity, Suzuki, Honda among others.

Okusanya said that his startup now has 6 retail outlets in Lagos and Abuja and their goal is to become the Autozone of Nigeria.

Interestingly, the spare parts are delivered at your doorstep as AutoSelect takes responsibility for dealing with all the tasks involved in moving goods from the seller to the buyer’s door. In addition, AutoSelect will insure the goods and cover all costs and risks including the payment of duty and fees.