In today’s competitive world, it is important to be organized. Working with a planner is a great way to do that. A student needs to identify the times he have tests and exams coming up then setting aside study time prior to them.

Setting aside certain time blocks for specific subjects and allocating extra time for the subjects one struggles more with is an effective way to improve performance.

Rewarding oneself for hitting set targets helps to foster discipline. For example if one wants to attend a friend’s birthday party, setting study targets to achieve before one can reward himself with the party will keep motivation high.

The brain is the number one tool one requires for academic achievement so having it in tip top condition is of utmost importance. Skipping meals is to be avoided. Having a healthy snack during study time to keep the brain well-nourished is a great way to boost performance.

Doing extra study and taking additional notes then addressing anything that is unclear with the teacher is also highly advisable.

Smartphones and computers are now more like second brains for busy people whether professionals or students. Homework apps make the work of getting organized and remembering things that need to be done every day easy. There are also different websites that provide services to help students with their homework.

In a world where people are getting busier by the day, students can make use of mobile apps that have been specially developed to meet their needs. Here are some of the apps for high school students.


This homework app is free. You just sign in, create a password and you are good to go. It is a great tool for helping students remember their assignments and keep track of deadlines such as when a particular homework is due.  Clicking on a specific date avails a complete list of all scheduled tasks.

The student can add a teacher function to be sending reminders such as ‘don’t forget to hand in your assignment tomorrow.’

Upgrading to premium permits extra functions such as attaching a file. This has the extra advantage of not getting disturbed by ads.


This best homework app is user-friendly and is a great way to remember things.  It allows students to use pictures, sketches or notes as reminders. Once a note is created, it is accessible any time it is needed. Reminders can be attached to the notes.

One a note has been saved, it is easy to find and also available on all devises whether smartphone, laptop or tablet by simply logging on to Evernote. The use of notebooks or tags as well as the function that permits sharing either publicly or privately, also makes this app a favorite for students.

iStudiez Pro

This is an award-winning homework planner app that permits students to have the entire picture of their classes and assignments in one location, available at a glance.

iStudiez Pro homework organizer makes the work of organizing one’s course work in form of dates, priorities, instructors, completed and pending tasks as well as grades or marks awarded. Editing the details of an assignment is quick and easy.

These apps for homework are available for both Mac and Android. Once any information is input on any device, it is updated on all the other devices where one has installed the software.