Marcus Swanepoel, CEO and founder of BitX today announced the firm has rebranded to Luno in a move simplifying its mission to help everyone escape the gravity of the existing financial  system into promising more privacy and financial freedom.

”We changed our name to Luno to better reflect who we are and where we’re heading,” Swanepoel said. “Luno means ‘moon’ and represents the shared sense of excitement we and our customers have about this new industry. At the same time, it also reflects our responsibility in helping people safely escape the gravity of the existing financial system.”

According to Swanepoel the moon also emphasises Bitcoin’s greater potential of open and equal financial access, a vision the firm has always had since early 2013 when it launched to bring the power of digital currency to the world.

”We believe that decentralised digital currencies like Bitcoin will fundamentally change how the world views and uses money: cheaper, faster and safer transactions. No matter who you are or where you’re from, every night we all still see the same moon. It is one of the world’s only constants, and in many ways it is the world’s one true leveller,” he added.

BitX-LunoApart Luno, the firm also announced its new desktop and mobile apps for Android and iOS, the ability to buy Bitcoin from almost anywhere in the world via credit card, launched its new Enterprise B2B platform and a new learning portal to help people learn about Bitcoin .

Luno also opened offices in London as it eyes growth in the larger Europe.

In December 2015, BitX raised an undisclosed amount of additional funding from South Asia’s Venturra Capital to solidify its position in the region, just weeks after it had raised $4m from The Naspers Group and PayU.