If you run a business that engages dispatch riders, you must have received several complaints about late delivery from your customers. This may not be a fault of yours but that of your dispatch riders. However, If you do not deal with this, you will soon start losing your customers.

To worsen this situation, a dispatch rider may escape with the wares or goods they are meant to deliver.

The solution to this problem is Varcel.

Founded by Yannick Parfait in September 2016, Varcel is a delivery management platform for businesses in delivery and pickup services, beauty services, repair services, home services, health and well-being, and any other type of businesses that needs to monitor daily task in real time.

The service which is also available in Mauritius and South Africa offers a smart and easy way for companies to live-track their dispatch riders.

With Varcel, businesses have better control of their on-field workforce thereby significantly reducing delivery theft since vehicles are being tracked.