BuyRentKenya, an online property website run by Ringier One Africa Media has launched a new platform to simplify the buying, leasing and selling of property in the country.

The firm’s revamped site comes with a free CRM (customer relationship management) tool for the property sellers and agents, which enables them to easily manage interaction with their current and potential customers, and a free website builder to help advertisers create an extended landing page where they can showcase their property in a customized way, sharing more details of the property like larger images, with the help of the improved user experience design.

According to Lizzie Costabir, CEO of  BuyRentKenya, “The new website also offers expert advice on real estate investment, updated blog posts on Real Estate news, Decor & Lifestyle, Dream Homes, Agent advice, neighborhood and a lot more. The new website has a clean uncluttered design, improved functionality and enhanced rich content focused on the user’s property needs.”

BuyRentKenya’s launch is somewhat timely as local property sites were all the same and had no competitive edge over their competition. They had the same features and were charging nearly for the same services. However, it won’t be long before Jumia House launches a similar feature.

There are no current plans to expand BuyRentKenya to other countries after the site was acquired by Ringier One Africa Media (ROAM) from its owner. However, ROAM is promising to grow the site in both inventory and reach as well as increase customer trust in online real estate deals.