Caketunes is a music and beat distribution platform for underground artistes, DJs and producers is a music and beat distribution platform for emerging artistes, DJs and producers aimed at opening up opportunities for aspiring artistes across the continent to share their work, connect with their fans and audience and break though barriers to succeed.

Users get a free Caketunes account,  a unique page where their uploaded their content for public discovery. The platform also has beats marketplace dubbed  Beat Core to give users a convenient platform to buy and sell beats at a very affordable rate.
Caketunes users can comment on and rate a track as well as like it just like people do on travel site Tripadvisor and restaurant review site Yelp.

“We have also been able to develop algorithms to help our users track related music and beats in terms of similarity, pattern and genre. The new version comes with a clean user timeline,” said Ability Elijah, the founder adding that Caketunes is open to artists everywhere around Africa.

At the moment, Caketunes is not paying artistes but it has plans to do that before the year runs out, but in the case of beat distribution – it sells beats and producers earn as artiste buy, whilst it takes a 20% cut of every sale.

Launched earlier as the platform is dedicated to helping underground or upcoming musicians in Africa to get a voice and platform to reach their fans.

The platform allows the artists to upload their tracks and share with their followers and fans who can play the music and give the artists feedback or tell their friends about the new music.

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Speaking earlier to TechMoran, Elijah said, ” The free website is offered to every registered artiste as much as we are currently working on enabling artiste to add domain extension to their stage name. You can follow an actual artiste with your phone number and whenever he/she updates a new track it definitely will be updated immediately on your phone.”

The revamped platform is great but a website alone won’t solve the issues faced by underground artists. The firm has to go out and sign them up on the platform and do more than just listing their music or beats. Listing without making money won’t help artists at all. Another challenge is the fact by allowing anyone to follow and get tracks from this artists for free-the pain of the artists to monetize is not solved but heightened further.

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