After a soft launch in Burkina Faso, Benin, Ethiopia, Malawi, Mali, Namibia, Rwanda, Somalia, Swaziland, Chad, Uganda, Zambia in June last year, Australian-based AfriCarGroup has just launched in ten new countries on the continent, taking the number of African countries where it operates to twenty two and becoming the biggest player in Africa, covering a population of almost 400 million people.

The ten new countries in Africa include in Ivory Coast (www​,​ Togo (www​,​ Guinea (www​,​ Burundi (www​,​ Zimbabwe (www​,​ Lesotho (www​,​ Madagascar (www​,​ Senegal (www​,​ Botswana (www​​and Gabon (www​​.

Last year, the firm had launched Burkina Faso (, Benin ( Ethiopia  (, Malawi >, Mali >, Namibia >, Rwanda >, Somalia >, Swaziland >, Tchad >, Uganda >, Zambia >

With already millions of people connected to its platforms and social media accounts, Africar Group is pushing forward its operation and expanding its market reach up to 400 million people with those new countries. People from those countries can now browse dozens of thousands of listings, trade with millions of people and sell or buy their vehicles faster and with a better deal, which creates a real social economic impact in those countries where prices were maintained high due to hefty commission fees for middlemen and a total opacity of prices.

“We have thousands of new buyers and sellers coming every month on our platforms, as they are looking for more transparency and better prices. We only focus on local vehicles sold by individual or professional sellers, which differentiates us from our competitors who are virtually raising their numbers by offering thousands of import vehicles which are not relevant for local people as they can’t be seen before being bought and take anything between 3 to 6 months to arrive in the country. We do the opposite and have a real local approach.” says Mathieu Fructueux, co-founder and managing the West Africa region of Africar Group.