South Africa’s Health Care IT Market to Grow in Coming Years



A new report by ReportsnReports suggests that the South African Healthcare IT market will grow at 8.8 percent by 2016.

“One of the key factors contributing to healthcare IT market growth in South Africa is the increasing need to store patient information and use it to provide appropriate/better healthcare services,” the report said.

“The healthcare IT market in South Africa has been witnessing the increased application of mobile technology. However, the high capital needed to adopt IT systems/technology could pose a challenge to the growth of this market.”

The country has seen many developments that merge mobile technology with health care. Vodafone has come up with programmes that aim to improve the health sectors. From patient management service to tools that help medical practitioners.

CEO Weekends: MapSoft Introduces New Technology for Fleet and Fare Management in Kenya


Hand Held device

The transport industry in Kenya is awash with new technologies propping up including a new gadget that could help transport business men monitor their vehicles from the comfort of their home.

The company named MapSoft Technologies Limited, has come up with the Hand held Mobile Computing Solution that not only encompasses easy collection of fares but also helps in vehicle tracking among other integrated solutions.

According to the founders, the demand for the product is huge and they have managed to seal a two year deal with one of the biggest transport companies in Nairobi, MOA Compliant.

“Transport is key to growth of other sectors of economy hence the need to address bottlenecks suffocating the sector for rapid growth of other sectors of economy,” Patroba Mariga, a founding partner of MapSoft told TechMoran.

“Our immediate aim is to end fraud in public transport sector, restore sanity, eliminate industry predators and minimise accidents. It is worrying that the country loses 4000 lives annually and 15,000 fatalities due to accident caused by human errors. This translates to more than 10 lives daily!”

The company’s product separates itself from the other tracking and fleet management service by combining a whole host of services in one gadget.

“For us to attain the modern concept of ‘Smart Urban Mobility’, we must address other aspects equally. Of major concern is traffic congestion leading to traffic jams, security i.e hijacking and of recent acts of terrorism target the sector. We must also address the high rate of accidents. Data from police department shows that 80% of accident is as a result of human error,” Patroba said.

Lack of funding for their projects and the fact that they have to manufacture their products in India are some of the huddles the company hopes to jump over soon. The company has set its height in becoming the go-to place for transport companies in Kenya and the rest of the world.

Africans In Race To Win $2,000 From Lenovo For Naming New Android Statue


lenovoafrAndroid and Lenovo fans, in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya are set to win $2000 in a new competition by Lenovo Africa.

The competition is looking for the best name for the statue Lenovo is set to build.

Lenovo will model the statue after the winning name. The campaign is accompanied by a social media competition on Lenovo Africa Facebook page (www.facebook.com/LenovoAfrica). The winner of the best and most creative name will receive a hamper full of Lenovo goodies worth USD 2,000. The winner will be chosen by Lenovo and the Africa Android statue will be unveiled in October this year.

The PC Supplier’s landmark campaign is to commemorate the launch of the Lenovo A1000, A3000 and S6000 Android tablets in Africa.

According to Graham Braum, Country Manager of Lenovo Africa, “We are thrilled to create Africa’s first ever Android statue to celebrate the launch of our new range of tablets.”

“Our latest Android tablet family is perfectly matched to meet our customers’ demands. We’ve noted that 7” tablets are well accepted, particularly by young, active users who are always on the go, so we’ve created devices that address these customers’ needs, as well as devices for more demanding gamers and multimedia users. We are confident that our Android family will appeal to customers across Africa as we’ve made them highly accessible and flexible to serve multiple needs, styles and budgets,” Braum added.

Lenovo’s new Android tablet range starts with two new A-series 7” tablets designed for optimal mobility while still packing a performance punch. The A1000, with Dolby® Digital Plus, will deliver a dazzling experience for music and entertainment lover, while the A3000, with its ultra-responsive quad-core processor, is high-performance tablet that’s portable enough to slip in your jacket pocket. .

Alongside these models, Lenovo also launched the new and stylish S6000. The slim, light and comfortable to hold tablet is powered by a quad-core processor and delivers the performance users need to enjoy the latest apps and games on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, while its 10.1″ HD IPS mutitouch display guarantees a bright and vivid viewing experience.


The most famous Android statues have been created by Google and are located at their corporate headquarters (Googleplex) in Mountain View, California. These statues document important milestones in the history of Android and have traditionally been based on the code names for the versions of Google’s Android mobile operating system, which are named alphabetically after desserts: Cupcake, Éclair, Frodo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jellybean.

It has been rumoured that the next official version of Android will be called Key Lime Pie, a traditional American dessert – but Lenovo has decided to launch a campaign to ask Africans what they would name it if they had a choice.



Sony Gets More Than A Million Orders For PlayStation 4 Before Its Market Availability



Sony’s head of SCE computer entertainment stated that the company has so far received more than a million preorders worldwide for its new PlayStation 4 Console.

The Chief Executive of SCE, Andrew House further said that the console will be available from November 15 in North America and November 29 in Europe

“The response we have received is nothing short of incredible,” he said. He added that the console will be available in 32 countries worldwide during the holiday season.

Microsoft Corp, on the other hand, has said it will start selling its latest console,Xbox One, in November. Escalating competition between the two consoles is anticipated ahead of the year-end.

Sony’s new console after seven year has a price tag of $100 which is a lower price than the new Microsoft’s Xbox One whose price stands at $399.

Xbox One, which was launched in May following eight years after the previous console, marks as its strongest push by the company so far to take over the market.

Microsoft Europe’s Vice President of Interactive Entertainment Chris Lewis said that their preorders for the Xbox One were “unprecedented” but took a rain check when it came to give more details.

Sony held that it would also cut the retail price for its PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita devices to $199 in the United States and 199 Euros ($270) in Europe. The Vita was 249 Euros while the PlayStation 3 was 229 Euros.


Government Launches Solar Operated Laptops in Accra, Ghana



Ghana is joining the fray to offer its students in schools solar powered laptops to enhance their education. The government through its education minister launched the use of the laptops in Accra signaling the embrace of eLearning.

The Solar Operated Laptop, the first of its kind in the world, is a private sector initiative in ICT geared towards the development of education in Africa.

The initiative is being spearheaded by WeWi Telecommunications Inc, a Canadian R&D Corporation dedicated to bringing innovative solutions to the market and marketed by WeWi Ghana.

Mr Roland Carson, Chief Technical Officer of WeWi Inc, said since its inception, the company had created unique products and services and, in the past several years, began exploring new markets and expanding internationally through its various subsidiaries.

Mr Carson said WeWi’s core competencies were in software, hardware development and systems integration while its main focus was creating highly specialized solutions servicing the government, defence and health sectors where the company’s core integrated team of award winning experts was both experienced and comfortable serving government institutions, military bodies and civil initiatives.

Prof Naana Jane Opoku-Agyeman the minister of education said that the Ghana ICT policy should be revised to meet the needs of the society currently.

Kenya is still in the process to get suppliers for its programme for standard one pupils. Rwanda on the other hand has seen great progress in their pilot plans for having one laptop for every school child.

SanDisk Introduces New Memory Storage To Fit Today’s Technologies



SanDisk corporation,a global leader in in flash memory storage solutions has today announced four new memory products in the market, ideal companions for users who want fast expanded memory. The three include SanDisk Extreme microSDHC and microSDXC UHS-I memory cards, SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive, Cruzer orbit USB Flash Drive and the Cruzer Force USB Flash Drive.


sandisk extremeThe SanDisk Extreme microSDHC and microSDXC UHS-I Memory Cards

The SanDisk extreme memory cards are used for smart phones, tablets and cameras. They are equipped with up to 80 MB/sec read and u to 50MB/sec and is an excellent choice for Android powered devices with 64GB of capacity.

 “The SanDisk Extreme microSDXC card allows users to do more with their devices. Our high performance and high-capacity microSD cards enable consumers to take advantage of the high-quality HD video and imaging capabilities in the latest 4G Smartphones, tablets and action cameras, ” said Susan Park, Director, retail product marketing SanDisk.

The memory cards are waterproof, shockproof and resist x-rays. They have an adapter for compatibility with full size SD/SDHC/SDXC supporting devices as well as a downloadable offer for RescuePro Deluxe data recovery software for bringing accidentally deleted images back to life.

The SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 Flash DriveThe SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive

This device allows users to transfer, store and share large files up to four times faster the USB 2.0 drives, with speeds of up to 80MB/sec. The drive’s fast performance speeds allow handling documents hi-res photos, HD videos and other large files with ease. The Ultra USB 3.0 drive is backed by a 5 year limited warranty and is shipping worldwide now in 16GB to 64GB capacities.

Cruzer Orbit USB Flash Drive Cruzer Orbit USB Flash Drive

The drive offers an easy and convenient way to store, transfer and share data in a 360 swivel design. It features a protective cover that rotates to shield the USB connector fro damage when it is not in use and is only 1.5 inches long and is available worldwide now in 8GB to 32GB capacities.


Cruzer Force USB Flash DriveCruzer Force USB Flash Drive

Built with a durable metal casing, the Cruzer Force USB offers a sleek design and protection for files. Combining fashion and function, the ultra thin drive comes with password protection software. They are available worldwide now in 8GB to 32GB.

All flash drives come with SanDisk SecureAccess Software that provides secure file encryption and password protection. The software provides 128-bit AES file encryption for private files while leaving the rest of the drive available for worry-free sharing.

Bradley Bennet, The Regional Marketing Manager, Mediterranean Middle East & Africa noted the possibility of having counterfeit products and to address the matter he said that the company is investing into the idea of educating the port vendors on the original and counterfeit products so that they will not receive them in the country and will do the same to the retail vendors in case the counterfeit products are already in the market.

To help curb counterfeit goods, the Marketing Manager said that the products have selected distributors in different regions, for instance, Mitsumi is the authorized dealer for East Africa and Despecs distributes for East Africa and Burundi.

He also noted that SanDisk intends to expand it is market to the whole of Africa given that the demand for such products is particularly high in Africa due to the introduction and growth of new technology systems like smartphones and tablets.

The company, SanDisk, has been in existence since 1988 and has provided innovations in flash memory and storage systems technologies have provided customer with diverse product portfolio includes flash memory cards and embedded solutions used in Smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, camcorders, digital media and other consumer electronic devices, as well as USB flash drivers and solid-state drives (SSD) for computing market.

CEO Weekends:Nokia’s Range Of Wireless Accessories



Looking to enhance your Nokia Lumia smartphone experience? In addition to the great personalisation made possible byWindows Phone and the fun colours and design, why not accessorise? Nokia’s wireless accessories are perfect for Nokia Lumia, and other wireless products.

Fatboy, JBL and Monster have brought their heritage in design and performance to co-create accessories that are extremely easy to use, and come with the added convenience of easy wireless charging and tap-to-connect music play, back- all packaged together with cutting-edge design.

Fatboy recharge pillow

The perfect way to treat the phone you love, and save yourself time. This is as much an accessory for your home as your phone. The Fatboy recharge pillow will work with any smartphone with wireless charging – simply place your phone on the pillow to power up! Playful design and a range of colours including red, yellow, black and blue, guarantee owners will be the envy of their friends. And best of all, no more wires!

JBL PowerUp

The JBL PowerUp is a unique wireless docking station that features stunning sound and wireless charging. Simply place your phone on top of the speaker to charge and play – no cables are required. And in the dark, NFC sensors on the PowerUp will activate landing lights on top of the speaker to guide your phone in to land.

Pro Purity Headset by Monster

Stand out from the crowd with the bold, Pro Purity Monster headsets, the perfect partner for the funky colours and design of Nokia Lumia.The headphones are compatible with all Bluetooth-capable phones, and both the noise cancellation and Bluetooth are turned on and off by folding and unfolding the headset.

JBL PlayUp Portable Wireless Speaker

Essential for every music lover is this sleek wireless music deck which liberates tracks from your smartphone to reproduce your music in superb JBL quality sound. Using NFC you simply tap your phone to the JBL PlayUp to connect via Bluetooth, removing the hassle of having to fumble through various screens to pair.

image courtesy:Telegraph.co.uk

CEO Weekends:Doctors Using Phone App To Diagnose Eye Problems In Kenya

Image: news.bbcimg.co.uk

A team of eye specialists in Kenya is using specially designed mobile phone apps to conduct diagnosis and treatment of people living with eye problems.

The team, led by Dr. Andrew Bastawrous from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, is using the application dubbed PEEK or Portable Eye Examination Kit, to scan the lens of the eye before the image is uploaded to a database for further examination by specialists.

Speaking to Voice of America, Bastawrous said that a clip-on camera is attached to the kit, and together with the PEEK app, a patient’s glasses prescription, cataract diagnosis and other eye diseases examinations can be done in just a few seconds.

“I can then take that image, capture it, e-mail it, and upload it to our back-end system. People at Moorfield’s Eye Hospital can review it and anyone can send me feedback,” Bastawrous told VOA.

The team is currently in Nakuru Kenya where they have so far tested about 2000 people for eye problems, with close to 10 percent of those identified as having eye problems. “They absolutely love it. They are all asking to have a go and have their vision tested. So it is certainly very user friendly,” he said.

To make sure that PEEK diagnosis is correct, the doctors compare the results from the app with those of conventional eye testing equipment, some of which is valued at over £100,000, compared to PEEK’s estimated value of £300. So far, PEEK has proven accurate.

The doctors intend to test the application on over 5,000 Kenyans. Those found with cataract problems will receive a fully paid cataract operation, in a bid to reduce the number of people with eye problems across the globe.

SA’s Gauteng to Distribute 88,000 Tablets for New eLearning Programme


Tablet PC with cloud of application icons

The South African government has launched a massive eLearning programme that will see 2,200 institutions in Gauteng benefit from a distribution of 88,000 tablets for school kids.

Each schools shortlisted for the programme will receive 44 ten inch Huawei devices.

This new initiative is a part of the review of the Gauteng Online Schools Programme. The new programme is expected to be launched in January 2014, a date that the Kenyan government has also put up as the laptops per child programme kicks off.

“This comprehensive review of the GoL programme resulted in the much needed alignment of the e-Learning methodology to global norms and standards,” a statement from the government read.

The programe also secured connectivity contracts that include Wi-Fi providers and 3G networks for a period of two years.

“The service provider will also identify an emerging youth owned ICT company, and shall transfer network development, maintenance and support skills to them over the 2-year period. This empowerment effort will eliminate the current sole service provider status, and thus improve supply side measures in this monopolistic industry sector,” the government stated.

The project is set to cost the government, ZAR289 million for tablets and ZAR396.2  million for network and coverage for two years.

“The future classroom will result in all learners using their own devices (e.g. tablets, smart phones, netbooks etc.) that would contain all their e-Books and grade specific curriculum content,” the statement said.

“Besides, through the use of specialised software packages, we will be able to personalise educator-learner encounters, and thus expedite constructive interactions to maximise learning experiences. Likewise, learners will easily access libraries, instead of spending a limited amount of time every week in a physical computer laboratory.”

‘Landline-on-the-go’ NeoSmart gets Recognition for Innovation



South African telecommunication company Neotel has received an award from Frost & Sullivan for their innovative product NeoSmart.

The award,  2013 South Africa Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation went to the technology that “combines landline and mobile connectivity on one dual network smart phone, thereby increasing users’ mobility by enabling them to access their personal landline, WiFi hotspot, broadband data service and voice calls from one device at an affordable fixed-line rates”.

“NeoSmart facilitates innovative ways of doing business without enduring the physical constraints of landline systems,” said Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Naila Govan-Vassen.

“Neotel’s single fiber connection enables FMC technology to increase users’ mobility, provide cost effective solution and offers user friendly features.”

The NeoSmart offering is available through the dual-SIM HTC and HTC Desire mobile devices, which allows users to access their landline through their mobile handset.

The service has proved popular to small business and homes as a way of keeping in touch. The company hopes to expand the service to more bigger enterprise companies in the near future.

Asus Launches New Products In Kenya | Aim To Increase Its Market Share

ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih Unveils the ASUS Transformer Book Trio


ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih Unveils the ASUS Transformer Book Trio
ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih Unveils the ASUS Transformer Book Trio

Asus, the world top three Notebook vendor has introduced new products in the Kenyan market in a move set to increase its market share in the Kenyan PC market.

Asus’ Taichi convertible Ultrabook, Zenbook Touch Ultrabook and the G-Series gaming laptop will help the firm capitalize on Kenya’s emerging reputation as both a technology and entertainment hub.

“We are keen to meet the insatiable demand for new technology products in Kenya and the wider East African region.  Our products are designed to meet the ever changing lifestyles of our customers with emphasis on simplicity and entertainment,” said Mr. Chris Wen Product manager of ASUS Kenya.

Asus has earmarked Nairobi for its regional operations with entry into Tanzania also on the cards. The Taiwanese based company will launch an intensive marketing campaign in August to sensitize Kenyans on their products that also include the recently launched Fonepad, Nexus 7 and VivoBooks.

“We have experienced tremendous growth in our tablet market share in international markets. We are keen to replicate that trend in Kenya that also has a vibrant tablet market,” added Mr. Wen

Mr Wen is confident that Asus ‘Design Thinking’ philosophy that is central to their innovations will make their devices appealing to Kenyans.

A recent report by the International Data Corporation (IDC) ranks Asus as number three in global tablet markets after shipping 2.7 million units in the first quarter of 2013 amounting to 5.5 percent market share.

“Every idea starts with people and we turn our imagination into myriad revolutionary innovations. We seek to perfect the balance between engineering and humanity, where every intricate detail echoes our needs for both emotion and function,” said Asus Chairman Jonney Shih.

Asus is working with local resellers and telcos to strengthen its local distribution network.

Kenya’s First Drone Facing Major Huddles



Chris Ghalily’s dream to fly the first Kenyan made drone has faced challenges from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, terming his invention as one that cannot be licensed.

The body said that Ghalily’s invention has not yet be covered in the Kenyan aviation laws and they would not know how to authorize it.

Speaking to Kenya Television Network (KTN) Ghalily said that he is a certified aeronautical engineer and he knows the flight paths to avoid, something the aviation authority was worried about.

The engineer studies aeronautical engineer here in Kenya and also furthered his studies in China and was able to use this knowledge to create the drone.

“What they should do is to give us an altitude on which we should fly the drones,” Ghalily said. “My drone is meant to fly over roofs.”

But this case contradicts what other organizations have been able to do in terms of drone use. Late last year, search engine giant Google launched a programme that would use drones to monitor wildlife in parts of Africa. This programme was funded with a grant from World Wildlife Fund to a tune of US$5 million.

Ghalily, has gotten intense training to manage and fly the drones and he is willing to train others.

As for now, he has to wait for the government approval to fly the drones in the Kenyan airspace.

US President Rejects Import Ban on Apple iPhones



US president, Barak Obama, has used his power of veto over the US ITC to avoid an import ban on some older Apple iPhones and iPads.

The ban had been ordered by the US ITC after finding out that the Apple products had trespassed on the copyrights of Samsung.

The sanction could have applied to older iPhone 4 and iPad 2 3G models that run on networks operated by AT&T and T-Mobile, as well as two regional networks in Texas and Alaska.

Micheal Froman, White house official, outlined the decision in a letter to overrule the US ITC’s decision. The main argument the main argument is that the copyrights cited by Samsung in the dispute are also considered to be “standards essential” and are supposed to be licensed on fair terms.

Although Samsung won the legal argument, the White House can reject that decision if it feels it would cause determinate damage to the US economy or consumers.

“We are disappointed that the U.S. trade representative has decided to set aside the exclusion order issued by the U.S. International Trade Commission. The ITC’s decision correctly recognized that Samsung has been negotiating in good faith and that Apple remains unwilling to take a license,” said Samsung, responding to the decision.

Apple was pleased and said that Samsung was wrong to abuse that patent system in that way. However, Samsung can still pursue other legal remedies against Apple, other than seeking an import ban.

The last time a US ITC decision was overturned in this way was back in 1987.

Solar Sterilizer Prototypes to Aid Medical Institutions in Rural Africa Revealed



Researchers from Rice University in the United States have come up with two prototype solar sterilizers that will enable medical institution in remote areas sterilize medical equipment.

The new devices consist of a vessel containing water and gold nanoparticles that is placed in sunshine collected using a solar dish. The nanoparticles absorb the sunlight and this heat produces steam.

The usual method of sterilizing medical equipment includes steam, which consumes power and water. Some of the medical facilities in rural Africa are not connected to the national power grid and this might not be favorable.

“Although steam-based sterilization is the primary method of choice for the processing of medical waste in the developed world, the large energy requirement for operation is the fundamental limitation for its adoption in developing countries, with limited or nonexistent access to sources of electricity sufficient to power such systems,” the study says.

The temperatures of the two prototypes are between 115 and 132 degrees Celsius for the time period sufficient to sterilize the contents of a 14.2 liter volume. This is in accordance with the US Food and Drug Administration sterilization guidelines.

“Some consideration should be given to a method of ensuring the items to be sterilised stay at or above the required temperature for the required time without having to watch the process,” Tony Collins, managing director of UK-based autoclave manufacturer Priorclave said.

The use of the gold nanoparticles have raised question of the possible price of the items and if poor communities can afford the technology. The prototypes have not yet been field tested and as soon as they are, it will be clear what value they would add to rural medical institutions.

Here Is Google’s $199 Moto X Assembled For You In The USA

 Google Motorola Smart PhoneNow, US residents will have the choice to buy a phone assembled in their yard.
Google’s release of the Moto X gives them just that, choice and control over what they want. Moto X is designed and assembled in assembled in Ft. Worth, Texas by Motorola, a Google Inc company and comes with top Google services and many others. With Touchless Control  users can  check the weather, get directions, or do just about anything without lifting a finger.

The Moto X has a 4.7 inch 720p AMOLED display, runs on a X8 Motorola chipset that contains two dual-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro processors. It has a Quad-core Adreno 320 GPU, a 2 GB of RAM, 16 or 32 GB storage and a 50 GB of free cloud storage on Google Drive for two years. It has 10 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel front facing camera.

 Google wants users to redesign the Moto X, in 2000 possible choices and return it within 14 days. Moto X will be available in the US, Canada and Latin America late August/early September in woven black and woven white models.

Samsung Electronics Wants You To Spend Kshs 3.7million On Its 85′ TV

Ronald Arao, Marketing Manager-Consumer Electronics Samsung Electronics East Africa shows customers the unique features of the Samsung UHD TV S9
Ronald Arao, Marketing Manager-Consumer Electronics Samsung Electronics East Africa shows customers the unique features of the Samsung UHD TV S9

Samsung Electronics today unveiled a Kshs 3.7million  85 inch TV for the Kenyan market.

According to the firm, the UHD TV S9, is the most premium TV screen in the Kenyan market with 4 times the resolution and number of pixels as a Full HD TV!

The 85-inch Samsung UHD TV S9 features a distinct gallery-inspired design plus a crisp, clear picture. The Samsung UHD TV up-converts HD or Full HD picture to UHD-level quality by restoring detail to create greater precision and real-life picture quality.

The TV has Samsung Precision Black Pro technology, aking it able to deliver enhanced contrast with deeper, more realistic blacks and purer whites. Together with Micro Dimming Ultimate, which enhances picture quality with threefold adjustment – optimization of contrast, colours and details, the S9000 displays unprecedented picture quality and presents users with a detail-rich viewing experience that exceeds Full HD TVs.

The TV firm expect their product to transform Kenyan’s home entertainment experience into high display quality, interactive and enjoyable featuring voice control, motion control and face recognition.

The Samsung UHD TV S9 will also enable consumers to enjoy the total movie-theatre immersion experience at home, with its full HD 3D picture quality.

The S9 also promises a clear and crisp sound through its audio system and high speed quad core processor, with a 2.2 channel speaker, plus dual subwoofer speaker system with 120watts of sound; 6 times greater than conventional TV systems.

The S9’s inbuilt camera, with wireless Internet connectivity lets users access (live-stream) entertainment and educational content via Samsung Apps and Samsung SMART Hub.

Ready with an Intuitive platform based on motion control, voice control, and face recognition commands users can turn the TV on or off, activate selected apps or search for content in the web browser simply by speaking in any of the 26 languages supported by the technology. With a wave of the hand, they can browse and choose a link or content via the web browser.


World’s Most Advanced Commercially Available Tablet Computer Developed In Africa


UnixiT_iT_Set_V21It’s another technological first for Africa.

The InfoTelesys UnixiT iT Set V21 tablet computer, has been designed and developed in the Silicon Cape, Western Province, South Africa.

The Group also reveals, this system has been described as the ‘The Worlds Most Advanced Commercially Available Tablet Computer.

And the InfoTelesys UnixiT iT runs both Android and Unix offering users unprecedented flexibility incorporating around half a million Android applications, in addition to advanced Unix work-station applications such as Oracle OpenOffice, Qt Designer, among others

“InfoTelesys iT Set users now have the flexibility of a tablet computer coupled with advanced desktop software, most of which is available at no additional cost.

“The impact on both business and educational markets is significant as the UnixiT iT Set eliminates most if not all the typical limitations of tablet computers.

Furthermore, noting comes close to the advanced features of the InfoTelesys UnixiT™ iT Set V21 tablet computer. Not only offering unprecedented software functionality, the iT Set comes fully loaded, is simply integrated and easily expanded. A tablet computer without
limitations or the need for expensive clumsy adapters.

Simply pop in standard SD chips to expand the memory, or even add USB memory sticks or a terabyte USB disk drive.

To project your best image, connect a projector or High-Definition, HDMI TV to the integrated on-board HDMI port. To transfer files
from a PC simply plug the iT Set into the PC’s USB port and copy and past files like you do to a USB memory stick. You can even connect a regular USB mouse and keyboard and turn the tablet into a desktop workstation.

Utilizing one of the industries fastest multi-core processors and packing nearly double the battery capacity found on the iPad and
significantly more than on the Galaxy, there really is no comparison, the InfoTelesys UnixiT iT Set eats Apple to the core and is galaxies ahead of Samsung.

What’s also interesting from a “virtual world” perspective, in regard to this new tablet leader, is that it was designed and developed out of Silicon Cape, South Africa, a first for the African Continent.

Key Specs



Android 4.0 Multitasking Unix implementation – browse internet, read books & listen to music simultaneously
Storage 4GB on-board + up to 32GB mocro SD slot + USB Disks
Network WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
CPU Allwinner A10 ARM Cortex A8 + Mali 400 GPU; 1.2GHz; 512MB cache; 4GB flash
Display 7inch 800*480 multi-point high-res capacitive
Battery 3,000 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery. 5V Charger
Audio Speaker; 3.5mm audio jack; Built in mike
Size / Wt 212mm ×156mm x 12mm / 470g
Peripheral Support HOST 1.1 mode mini USB 2.0 high speed port: flash/keyboard/mouse/camera etc.
Video & Audio. HD 480P to HD 2160P, 3D Movies, Flash 10.3, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV9, MPEG4-SP, DIVX,H.263,H.264,RMVB, WMA,MP3,WAV,OOG,AAC,EAAC, etc. Voice Recognition.
mini HDMI 1.3 TV Port up to 2160P + 3D; earphones included.
Camera Front 0.3MP
Recording System microphone MP3, WAV
eBook HTML5, Epub pdf word doc html xml xls ppt etc.
Pictures JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, etc.
Software ~300,000 applications. Games, productivity, browsers, MS Office compatible, video, music, email, organizers, CAD etc.
Language English, Spanish, Polish, Italian, French, German, Chinese etc.

For detailed specification and to learn more visit the InfoTelesys
website or email [email protected]

Nokia Introduces Its Candybar Style Smartphones For $68 With 30 Day Battery Life


208_range_465Finnish firm Nokia has  introduced three new handsets with candybar style-do not have anything covering the buttons but has a key guard to prevent keys from being pushed when not in use.

The Nokia 207, Nokia 208 and Nokia 208 Dual SIM are 3.5G-capable and come with the Transfer app for users sync contacts directly from their smartphone with other phones. The  Nokia 208 Dual SIM has an added benefit of Nokia’s Easy Swap technology for users to switch SIM cards without turning switching the phone off.

The Nokia 207 and Nokia 208 can be used as internet modems for their laptops via a USB. The Nokia 207 and Nokia 208 battery life  can go for up to 33 days of standby time 12 days on talk-time on 2G. The Nokia 208 Dual SIM has 13 days less battery life on stand by.

The phones have a 2.4-inch display screen and while the 207 is a single SIM phone with no camera,  the 208 phone comes in both single and dual SIM with a 1.3-megapixel camera.
Availability in the third quarter in cyan, red, white and black.

#PivotEast Live Blog: Sconar To Launch Affordable Tablets In East Africa


UK based  mobile consumer electronics & software mobile firm Sconar is set to launch its line of affordable tablets in East Africa in a move that will see thousands of  the population in the region lay their hands on mobile devices.
Speaking exclusively to TechMoran Joshua King, CEO and Founder of Sconar said, ” We want to offer users in region affordable and luxury tablets and are at the moment working with some mobile networks to make this possible.”
King added, ” We are also launching gaming apps on Android app  and iOS  to be sold pre-installed.”
Sconar expects its ‘Affordable Luxury’ devices to change lives in Africa where mobile is affordable and booming. Africa has over 650 mobile subscriptions in basic feature phones and a few tablets.
The mobile subscriptions however  might more if the devices become more affordable.
Sconar, in its belief that the world ought to freely express themselves via electronic gadgets is creating affordable products to allow users creatively express themselves.
Sconar has a Tablet PC  dubbed Sconar Beam and a mobile phone dubbed Sconar Smart. The Sconar Beam specs are included here.
Key Specs
  • 0.7kg Weight
  • 7 inch Screen
  • 16GB Internal Memory
  • 1.5Ghz
  • 512mb
  • Dual camera
Colours: Black, White, Blue, Red, Purple,Pink.
Product Features:
  • Android Market
  • HD Screen (800×480)
  • WIFI
  • Dual Camera
  • Built in 3G
  • Keyboard Case
  • 8GB Micro SD Card
  • Soft Case
  • Screen Protector
  • Tablet Pen
  • USB Adapter
  • USB Lead and extension

African Smartphone Penetration to Reach 40 Per cent by 2017



The African smartphone market will hit a peak of 40 per cent by 2017 after achieving a 15 per cent high in 2014. This was revealed by M&C Saatchi Mobile which released its research paper on the growth of the continent’s mobile growth.

The report also demystified some of the myths related to the mobile sector in the continent. Some of the myths include:

1. Africa remains an underdeveloped continent
2. Africans are less technologically advanced than other nations
3. Smartphones are not popular within Africa
4. Mobile advertising is not applicable within Africa
5. Africa is too diverse, meaning it is difficult to target consumers

Africa’s mobile environment is the fastest growing in the world and smartphones are lined up to take up a good market share. The price of entry level smartphones is going lower by the day and this has meant that more users can access faster internet connections on their mobile phone.

The research from M&C Saatchi mobile also reveals that these developments could mean a lot for the mobile advertising sector.

“The rise in middle class consumers and the completion of submarine cables has allowed for the heavy adoption of mobile devices. Yet mobile has also aided Africa’s growth. M-Pesa now contributes significantly in terms of GDP within Kenya, and consumers are now using mobile devices to educate and receive both news and SMS messages,” the report said.

“From our own experience, we have seen the impact mobile is having on African society. It is a gateway which allows consumers to connect on a global level via the Internet. Mobile is also replacing traditional forms of infrastructure, particularly within the banking sector – the need for a traditional bank account has been bypassed, with consumers now undertaking transactions through mobile financial services,” James Hilton the global CEO said.

This report can be found here