Big Pot, 1 Million Teachers &  TruuScore have been declared winners of Co-creation Hub (CcHUB)‘s first Diaspora Challenge and will each receive a $15,000 investment, and will be enrolled into a 9 month long CcHUB Acceleration Programme.

The three beat over 250 entries from scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs across the diaspora community in the UK.

According to ‘Bosun Tijani, CEO and Co-founder, CcHUB, ‘Nigeria is experiencing an unprecedented growth and with this comes developmental gaps and issues. We believe that the restructuring of Nigeria is one that requires collective efforts needing all hands on deck. The Diaspora Challenge is one of the vehicles through which we want to drive innovation for a better society by tapping into the innovative wealth of Nigerians in the diaspora eager to proffer solutions.’
The CcHUB Diaspora Challenge, launched in May 2017, solicited innovative workable ideas with a focus to address challenges in the energy, finance and education sectors. The objective was to tap the diverse wealth of resources that Nigerians living abroad could contribute to national development.

Founded by Oluyemi Jegede Big Pot is a power utility startup that provides solar energy to small and medium sized residences and businesses through smart community microgrids distributed via a blockchain network formed by geographically dispersed solar photovoltaic panel installations and lithium ion battery storage.

1 Million Teachers is an education based startup on a mission to fix education in Africa by empowering teachers with skills and knowledge using gamified and incentives based learning. This startup founded by Hakeem Subair aims to develop a subscription-based online learning platform for teachers.

And finally, TruuScore founded by Dr. Freda Owusu is a credit reference service which uses a person-centered algorithm to enable credit scoring for the financially excluded populace. TruuScore is developing a person-centred system that enables credit scoring, using multiple data sources.