jobinrwandaJob in Rwanda is an online recruitment and job advertisement service created in January 2011, to help bridge the gap between employers in Rwanda and job seekers in the country and in the diaspora but interested to find gigs back home.

The privately held company allows users to create a free and open online platform accessible by anyone at anytime and anywhere for sharing the Rwandan labor market information such as job opportunities, news, events and so on.

It also facilitates the connection between job seekers living in Rwanda or abroad with employers operating in Rwanda.

The portal says its mission is “facilitate the communication between job seekers and employers operating in Rwanda using online technologies”.  It adds, ” On top of these, we organise an annual career day event, where the two stakeholders meet in the same place for one-to-one interviews.”

Job in Rwanda website works simply. Companies log on and submit their  job postings simply. With an account a company can edit or manage it’s job posts, get them published immediately, follow up applications or search CV’s in the portal’s database with over 15,000 profiles. Applications are forwared to the employers email account. The company also helps in the shortlisting process to make hiring a simple and time saving process for employers.

Job in Rwanda comprises of Julien Kavaruganda as Managing Director, handling legal and administrative matters of JiR. Julien is a corporate lawyer. He holds a law Degree from Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium).

Eric Manzi is Job in Rwanda’s financial planner and manages the complete workflow of the job publication process. Eric is engineer in applied mathematics and has a master in management of smaller and middle entreprises from Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium).

Grace Nyinawumuntu is the platform’s public relation (PR) manager, responsible for promoting JiR’s services to employers, job candidates and other institutions. She has a Master degree in International relations from ULB (Belgium).

Jean-Baptiste Niyonsenga is JiR’s IT manager and also takes care of the business process. Jean-Baptiste holds a Master degree in management engineering from the University of Namur (Belgium) and lastly, Jimmy Nsenga JiR’s business coordinator, managing the information flow between the various branches of JiR. He has a Master degree in Electrical Engineering and a PhD degree in wireless communication, respectively from Polytechnic Faculty of Mons and Katholieke Universiteit van Leuven (Belgium).

Competitors in the country are many as several news portals have a job section. There are also other independent job platforms launched to help make job and talent hunting easy. and YES Rwanda Jobs are just the two of many job platforms in the country set to beat unemployment.