Evans Ndegwa, CTO & Lead, Mobile Services at Muva Technologies Ltd has today launched Search App, on Google Play Store to help users find apps installed on their phones or mobile devices fast.
He told TechMoran, users at times look for apps installed on their phones or tablets and fail to find them as they have to flip through several screens to find them. With Search App, he said the search was over! “
“Just type a hint and get your app to show up fast. If you like it, give a positive review!”
According to Ndegwa, “Once installed, it allows an android phone user to search for all the apps he or she has installed in the phone. After installing many apps on your phone, sometimes you have to flip through many screens to get the app you want. What about if you could just search for it? That’s what “Search App” does for you. The app is compatible to most android phones.”
He added that version-2  of the app is coming soon, with more functionality while maintaining ease of use. The free version has adverts, the paid version is ads-free and cost just $1.2.
Ndegwa said the app was born out of need for him as a user. “I had installed so many apps in my phone and at some point was quite hard to get the app I was looking for. Sometimes I could flip through 10 or more screens looking for twitter. If i missed it the first time, it means I had to flip through 20 screens. So, I decided to download an app that can do just that! I dint find any. So, as a mobile developer I said..why not make one?”
Search App is not Muva Technologies’s first app. The Nairobi-based startup has also developed NBA Trivia for Basketball fans, Free Stima Paybills for Kenya electricity bill payments, M-pesa rates app to show users how much is charged on their mobile money transactions, Smart Shop, a shopping app; Nevalate, an app to show college students what is going on, Kenya Net income calculator
to help Kenyans calculate their net income among others.