Climate Strategies Accelerator is searching for leaders with ideas for ending the world’s dependence on oil and are looking for innovations in social, cultural, and political solutions that will help end dependency on oil.

The CSA is both a fund –– with $20 million and counting ready to invest in new climate solutions –– and an accelerator, staffed with experts who know how to get big, audacious ideas off the ground. In 2017, the firm is looking for 8-10 leaders with imaginative solutions for ending oil dependence.

The 10 will stand a chance to earn funding ranging from prototype grants of $50k-$100k USD to program leader awards of $1-2 million USD per year for three years.

Once selected, startups will a week-long boot camp at the Oil Breakthrough Lab, for an intensive 90-day accelerator designed to refine and strengthen their visions. Startups will receive mentorship from experts; meet and pitch to investors and meet other innovators to thelp them build prototypes before a judging panel decides which solution is the best

The CSA Fund will then decide if any of the candidates will move on to become Program Leaders, receiving grants of up to $1-2 million per year over a three-year period to further pursue their ideas. Applications is open until January 31, 2017, but I highly encourage applying early.