From photography, to media, agriculture and now the construction industry, drones seem to be making a huge impact in the way we carry out businesses today.

If you are in the construction industry and do not own a drone, maybe it’s time to get one. They are mostly used to monitor the site and the progress of your project in a more economical way. These fantastic machines will survey extensive areas and give you stunning shots from all angles which are quite important when planning a new building or another type of structure.

Just to show you how well they fit the industry, we will take you through an in-depth analysis of the main benefits. Moreover, we will take you through a step-by-step guide with all you need to know about owning and using a drone in the construction industry.

How to choose the right model

We are living in a fast-paced technological world and by now, you must have heard about the numerous advantages to having a drone in your construction site. So, just what exactly do you need to know before purchasing one?

Camera resolution

When purchasing a drone, we recommend you go for one with a good camera resolution. You want to get shots and videos in HD, which is a much clearer version. The camera will come in handy when you want to inspect projects, especially progress in those areas that are hard to access, and monitor safety compliance within the site. You can try an dji inspire 2 review here..

Operating rules

Drone use is pretty much a new concept to many of us, let’s face it. You might not have operated one at all until now. Wanting to buy one, therefore, will require that you research on the regulations governing drone use in your country. Subsequently, learning on how to operate one is vital because you don’t want to purchase a machine you can’t fly yourself in the long run.


You have to conduct an analysis into just how the drone will fit into your regular construction operations. Will it make tasks easier and improve the general scope of your business? If yes, then you can go ahead and make the purchase. But if you don’t see how a drone will boost your operations, maybe you need to hold off for just a little longer.

Keep in mind that with a drone, you will get better images and videos than a photographer taking shots from a helicopter, which is even more expensive in the long run.


Look at your construction budget. Is there a provision for a drone? If you had not initially put it In your budget, chances are, purchasing one will cripple your business operations because you will end up taking money from another area.

Drones come at different prices, all depending on your desired specifications. You can start off with a beginner’s drone, which is more affordable, and once you are good at operating, then step up and buy a better one for your business.

Not forgetting that operating a commercial drone will require one to be certified or be directly supervised by a certified drone pilot. Can your business handle these costs?

Risk management

By flying the drone at your site, you are risking your employees’ safety, not forgetting trespassing and invasion of privacy claims by the nearby premises. This, coupled with potential damage to property, can put you in line for major liability issues.

You should consider consulting with your insurance company beforehand so that they can advise on what risks to look out for and insure against.

Benefits of Using Drones in the Construction Industry

We have taken you through a couple of factors that you need to consider before purchasing a drone for commercial use. But why do you need the drone at your construction site in the first place?

Project assessment

Each construction site has to be surveyed before the actual project commences. You can have as many site visits as you want, but this does not beat using a drone to capture aerial shots of the site from different angles.

This gives you a general idea on how you can manage the project right from conception. Moreover, you might even end up getting new ideas from the aerial pictures which will ultimately improve the initial project idea.

Project management

As a contractor, you need to monitor your project from the very first minute to the very end. With the shots and videos the drones will fetch, you can now see how your team is handling the whole project, how the resources are being distributed and most of all, if you are making any progress.


If you own a construction company, you will need a portfolio with your completed projects. Otherwise, what will your clients see as proof of your work?

Hiring a photographer to take photographs of your completed projects may work, but the pictures won’t be as perfect as the ones a drone will get you. This is because a drone can take shots at different angles. If the photographer needs to be on a helicopter to take the shots, these are additional costs you can cut just by getting your own drone.

You can incorporate the pictures and put them up on your website and brochures and that alone will work as a sales strategy.

Conducting due diligence

As a contractor, you know how hard it gets when there is a problem with a certain area, like some parts of the roof, but you cannot access it easily to determine the root cause.

Let drones handle that for you. They can fly as high and as low as you want them and relay live feed directly to your phone or PC, which helps you establish where the exact problem lies and you can now fix it early enough.

Infrared scanning

This is the latest advancement of drone use in the construction industry. You can now use the UAS to conduct complete aerial infrared scans of a building.

However, your drone has to be equipped with an infrared camera to be able to take such shots.

Concluding Thoughts

Technology keeps advancing and it’s up to us to keep up with the trends for an easier life.  If you are in the construction industry, and more so real estate, you now know how beneficial drones are in not only project management, but also in boosting your overall business through sales and marketing.

We have taken you through the different aspects of drones in real estate; what you need to know before purchasing a commercial drone and just how much this will improve your business.

Do you think the drones are relevant in the construction industry? We would love to hear your thoughts regarding this article; what you liked most and what you thought we left out. Please like, and share with your family, friends and other business people in the industry.