enezaEdtech platform Eneza Education just announced it has hit over 1m users four years after it launched a simple leaner platform in Kenya armed with relentless passion on learning in Africa with little resources.

“We have surpassed the million mark, at 1,100,000 unique devices on our platform. A million at any scale is such an impressive number, isn’t it? The significance of our million is the fact that while web traffic has created avenues to attract unique visitors left, right and center, the last mile space is a different story. But before we tell it, appreciation,” announced the firm.

According to the firm, 1 million requires magic, and 26 full-time rock-star magicians to power the execution of a platform now ready to take on 50 million.

Founded 4 years ago by Kago Kagichiri and Toni Maraviglia, the firm recently launched Shupavu 291 in partnership with Safaricom.

An estimated 10 million learners in primary and secondary schools in Kenya now have an opportunity to access tutorials through the mobile phone. Shupavu 291  is accessible on a basic mobile phone allows learners to access Kenya National Curriculum aligned lessons through Short Message Service.

The firm also partnered with UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Vodafone foundation and education NGOs to create an Instant network Classroom designed to answer connectivity, configuration and supply chain issues encountered when implementing a mobile device based education programme in remote locations. It provides an all-in-one easy and quickly deployable solution.  To date 3,000 students in Kakuma and over 20,000 students and 378 teachers in Daadab refugee camps have benefited.

In March Shupavu 291 was estimated to reach over 572,000 mobile learners across Kenya with at least 469,000 are primary school pupils while 86,000 are secondary school students.

Eneza Education also works with the Xavier Project which manages 8,000 high-risk refugees in Dadaab and Kakuma camps and saw the IDP Foundation fund itsr pilot in Ghana targeting 250 IDP schools. It also has learners in Ghana, Liberia and Nigeria taking the same curriculum under W.A.E.C. In Tanzania, Shule Direct duplicated its model and the firm is now working with Internet.org to deliver affordable content and billing for smartphones and web-capable feature phones. Just this year, the firm says it signed up 450,000 last mile users in Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana.

Apart from its SMS platform, Eneza Education also uses its online system, Internet.org, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram and now eyes hitting 50m users in the near future over all these platforms.