The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Godwin Emefiele said that the average Nigerian spends 73% Of their income on food and beverage products.

Interestingly, a large number of these Nigerians buy their foodstuffs at an open market. However, things are changing because very few people look forward to going to the market or grocery store after work to shop for food. It will only add to the day’s stress. You simply want to go home. But, you have no choice than to simply go for obvious reasons. You are likely to spend several hours at the market trying to get what you really want but you may not.

Regardless, how will you like to sit in the comfort of your room or car with your smartphone and order your food online? In this case, you don’t need to spend forever shopping from one store to another.

The answer is It is an online food marketplace to buy and sell foodstuff and farm produces from thousands of farmers, traders, food vendors and open air markets across Nigeria Or city.  The foodstuffs are delivered to your doorpost.

Founded by Uchay Ariolu in 2014, users can find markets such as mile12, Oyingbo, Ajah market, Mushin market, Ariaria market, Oil mill market, Mile 1 market and lots more on Foodstantly. In addition, it makes it convenient for you to buy food by avoiding all the stress such as traffic, bad weather, distance, and time constraint etc.

Ariolu said: “The food business in Nigeria is full of informal traders and no infrastructure. The open air markets are dirty disorganised and highly informal. Consumers want convenience. As much as 90 percent of foods are purchased in the informal sector. Five percent of the population use grocery stores.

So far, foodstantly has 1,000 sellers and roughly 3,000 registered buyers for its service. You can buy either ready to eat or ready to cook food.

If more and more Nigerians will patronise foodstantly, they are assured of buying hygienic items from their preferred and favourite stores. At the same time, foodstantly wil be smiling to the bank.