Fuzu, a career community site has announced it served more than 800,000 users since its launch and has revamped its platform to make it easier for its users to find and apply for jobs and get career advice online.

Sara Nyambweke, Fuzu’s Digital Marketing Manager told TechMoran,”We’ve made the platform user friendly and easier to navigate and find what you are looking for faster.”

Improved navigation and functionality

The firm says the new website is expected to make it simpler for job seekers in the country to plan their career and apply for jobs. With a simple user-friendly experience, improved navigation and functionality, the new Fuzu.com makes it simple for registered users to outline their career and apply for jobs that are specifically matched to their skills.

Registered users can now benefit and stay informed with the latest career advice from industry experts, access free courses, as well as apply for jobs with the goal of helping them grow in every step of their career journey.

Premium products

Fuzu users will also be able to purchase premium products such as instant feedback on all their job applications as well as access to career coaches at a low premium cost. Users also gain Fuzu points, when they refer a friend or complete their profile/CV, which they can use to purchase their premium products.

More than 800,000 users

Fuzu says ever since its launch in 2015, it’s helping more than 800,000 users identify their unique strengths, improve their skills and competencies, and set a goal for their career with the aim of turning employment into a personal growth journey.