Ghana’s Smart Gas App, an Internet of Things smart gas reader has been named winner of the MTN Ghana App Challenge under the IoT category for its Smart Gas Monitor and Gas App.

Founded by Jephthah Adotey Kpakpo, Eyram Daddy,  Evans Augustt, Efia Kyerema and Henson Oyigbo, the Smart Gas Monitor is an M2M system with an internet connection that helps users monitor in real-time the level of LPG in a users cylinder through the Gas App mobile application then sends them alerts to their mobile phone on the level/status of their LPG and gas leakages through SMS and push notifications.

The startup, now taking orders is expected to help users in Ghana to never run out of gas by simply mounting the device on their LPG cylinder then connect it with  their mobile phones for either SMS or push notifications on the level of the LPG .

“The app connects you with our partners for instant swap of almost empty LPG cylinders with a filled one,” says the team. “Gas consumption statistics gives you access to consumption statistics which helps you monitor and know your monthly/yearly gas usage. You can plan efficiently by analyzing the gas usage report available on the app.”

The Smart Gas app also has a Gas Leakage Detection and Alert to detect gas leakages and send a user an alert to their mobile phone for immediate attention. Smart Gas app works on the same model as Kenya’s PayGo Energy which has a smart meter to monitor gas use or leaks as well as harnesses the power of pay-as-you-go-technology to bring modern fuel to homes everywhere.

PayGo’s smart metering systems enable their customers to pre-pay for cooking gas and monitor customer gas consumption and predict when gas is going to run out. This allows us to provide an uninterrupted supply of affordable gas to our customers. Users register with payGo’s sales agents and pays a small fee to join the clean and affordable PayGo service. The firm then delivers its smart meter, a full cylinder of gas, and a brand new cookstove directly to the new buyer’s home.

Ghana’s Smart Gas will have to integrate services beyond monitoring to allow expansion and use of LPG gas across the country to widen its customer base than just relying on existing LPG gas owners.