Softreckon, founded by 25 year old Ghanian, Samuel Gaisie-Yeboah (Dexter) yesterday launched its new FM Live software product with its officia live streaming portal with over 1160 FM channels from 33 countries.

According to Gaisei-Yeboah, the newly built site is intended to mark Softreckon’s initiative to provide even better products and services based on its recent adopted focused strategies and technologies.

And what is Softreckon, Gaisei-Yeboah says, “Softreckon is a Software developing entity focused on delivering high quality, advanced reliable and most of all affordable software products; thus we deliver software products you would reckon forever which we believe, can be achieved by distinguishing ourselves from competitors, through relationship and resource management, innovative thinking and problem solving; to finally presenting superior and innovative software products and services at the most affordable mind blowing prices.”

This is what he told TechMoran in full.


When was it launched and where?

“Softreckon was established in 2007 SGXTechnology as it was formerly called, changed its status to SGXT|SOFTRECKON and finally legally registered in 2010 as SOFTRECKON. Softreckon is based in Accra, Ghana.”


Who are its founders?

“Softreckon was founded by me – Samuel Gaisie-Yeboah, and I am currently the CEO.

Currently Softreckon has no employees. This is because as a self taught-programmer and motion graphics designer, I had taken up the tasks and challenges all by myself as I really did/do not have enough funds to employ persons to work for me.”


What inspired you to find it?

“Growing up in the 90’s I had always been fascinated by how Software applications such as games, media players and softwares as a whole were made; hence how they made life interesting and much easier as they resolved many tasks.

This got me the interest to dive into software programming right after graduating Junior high school in 2003 and have had success in releasing so many software applications ever since till today.

Naturally, as a reserved, but helpful and resourceful person I am always finding ways to help resolve problems, especially for people.

From that perspective, I always thought it would be a great idea to help the society or the world as a whole by making life more comfortable or easier through the creation of software applications. As you know, every software application is designed to fulfill a task; thereby making life much easier. I personally believe that even poverty in Africa or any society; can be alleviated through the creation of software applications, as it would not only help in simplifying tasks but more also creating jobs and making Ghana or Africa as a whole, technologically competitive. This is why I decided to a formidable Software developing company to achieve this goal.”


What has been your biggest achievement so far?
“My biggest achievement so far is having being able to utilize the little meager resources I have, to develop many useful software applications now used globally such as the FM Live Streamer that won the 2012 Top Apps Award as the ‘ENTERTAINMEN APP OF THE YEAR’.”


Sam receiving the Entertainment App of The Year 2012 for FM Live

What services do you you offer?

“Well, presently I focus on my two major brands/flagship products –FM Live and TurnApp and no longer offer custom software development services.
However, Softreckon offers still offers web design and Brand Strategy, Design & Activation via its division – Softreckon Studios which focuses on: Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, 3D Logo Design 3D Product Visualization, Title Sequence Design, Cinematic/Digital Color correction.”

Is there any competition?

“Yes, there is. But I don’t consider them a threat at all. Of course we are in a technological era, and it’s good to know or to see others embracing this technological tide by coming out with their own software products to solve problems. We all strive to look for the vulnerabilities and to provide solutions to them, and it is for this reason many Software companies are springing up; but the company with the original idea should always prevail over its competitors; as you know: “The Original is always better than the Copy””


How unique are you from the competition?

“What make me unique from my competitors and in the phase of the competition is that I don’t follow the masses. I do what I have to do and I focus on that very well. I don’t easily drift to whatever seems the ‘order of the day’. I believe in focus and taking one step at a time to building superior product.
Hence, good relationship and resource management, innovative thinking and problem solving, good branding, design and marketing strategies and most of all affordable pricing makes me totally unique from my competitors.”


Any funding yet?

“My answer? No, not at all. I have never had any source of external funding or what so ever. All my fundings had been from my pocket monies and monies offered from my mother, siblings as well as little earnings I made from my endeavors.”



Yes, I have encountered countless challenges; mainly


Lack of funding and poor resources:

I developed most of my very first software applications such as the Church Management on a 128 MB RAM computer without an onboard fan which I later earned enough from its sale to buy a better machine.  Honestly I have faced a lot of stress, frustrations.


Failed promises and Payments;

I have had disappointments upon disappointments from people who made promises of giving aid or investing yet failed to honor their promises.

Furthermore, there were situations where some clients fail to honor their payments of services rendered to them.
Ignorance from the masses of the Ghanaian society to adopt software products in their work;
Software sales in Ghana and for that matter Africa as a whole is quite a headache and many developers would attest to that fact. Simply because most people are still not very much enlightened about the essence of software applications and why they have to pay.

Unavailable or unreliable payment sources;

Last but not the least I had also faced challenges regarding forms of payment. One of the most preferred sources of payment medium accepted all over the world is Paypal but as you know Paypal subscription from Ghana and most other African countries is unsupported and this makes serving client abroad who are willing to pay by Paypal a great headache.


Future plans?

Yes, I have great plans for Softreckon but I currently do not have any partners.
I believe Softreckon and its division will become an exceptional leading software developing company that delivers the most advanced, quality, reliable yet the most affordable products and services globally. All I currently need are positive investors who would be ready to see the vision/goals of my startup company and to be ready to provide whatever it takes to attain these goals.
What is your recent project and how does it work?
Currently, Softreckon is focusing on two main flagship products mainly FM Live™ and TurnApp ™ and discontinuing the support of the other products.
Thus my recent project for that matter is FM Live Platinum.  FM Live Platinum is my recent major upgrade to my already existing FM Live product.

FM Live is an award-winning global FM directory and online streamer application containing over 1000 FM stations possesses many useful features as well.

Take us through the features.

Basic Features

  • One-click channel tuning
  • One-click Recording,
  • One-click Bookmarking,
  • Scheduling,
  • Custom Channel Add,
  • Quick access toggle/shortcut keys,
  • Sleek and easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI),
  •  Multilingual (Multi-language support),
  • Automatic update checking support.

Update in this release

  • Sleek elegant Graphical user interface
  • Thumbnail representation of channel info
  • Enhanced stream recording & management
  • Enhanced Schedule management
  • Advanced Schedule Channel Swapping and Recording
  • Enhanced bookmarking and management
  • Enhanced Custom Channel Add or Edit feature
  • Increased number of Custom Channel slots
  • Custom Database and settings Exportation and Importation
  • Enhanced channels navigation
  • Recently streamed logging
  • Access to database update downloads


  • Quickly access and stream from thousands of radio stations from around the world at your own convenience, no matter where you are.
  • Never worry about bad network reception,
  • Never miss out on your favorite radio programs and relevant news/information;
  • Explore other cultures, music and information
  • In fact, never get board again!

Supported Platforms & Installation Requirements

FM Live is currently a Windows based application. It is supported on

  • Windows XP x86 (32bit) and x64 (62bit)
  • Windows Vista x86 (32bit) and x64 (62bit)
  • Windows 2008 x86 (32bit) and x64 (62bit)
  • Windows 7 x86 (32bit) and x64 (62bit)
  • And coming soon to Windows 8 / Tablets

Harddisk Space Required:  90 MB

Additional Harddisk Space Required (Should in case .NET Framework prerequisite need to be installed – XP & Vista only):  200 MB
RAM: 256 or better
How many users so far?

FM Live currently has an estimation of 500,000 users worldwide since its release in June, 2011.
On Softpedia (a software download website) FM live has 22, 000+ downloads. And I can say the downloads are going to quadruple from this newly released Platinum series.


What else have you developed?

  • FM Live,
  • Reckon Player,
  • Autoshutter,
  • Authors Safe Pro,
  • Incentive Allocation Pro,
  • Church Management Pro,
  • SMS Client,
  • Urbanroll Media Client,
  • Xtreme Restriction Pro,
  • Presecans Media Player,
  • Logikross,
  • Odadee Media Player.