Prof. Temitope Alonge, the Chief Medical Director of the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria said last year that the elderly would constitute 20 percent of Nigeria’s population before the end of 2016. This means 34,000,000 Nigerians are well advanced in age.

The effect of this is that many elderly and aged individuals are lonely considering their neglect by people who are meant to care for them. These persons are usually very busy with work. This neglect unfortunately sends them to their early grave.

While some will hire a helper, others will ferry them to an old people’s homes and there are quite a number of them in the country. Despite this, you cannot guarantee the care they will receive. Besides, the idea of sending someone advanced in age to an old people’s home is yet to catch up with Nigerians.

There is a dilemma here. You cannot send them to an old people’s home and you cannot take care of them. What will you do?

We introduce to you Greymate Care.

Greymate Care is a highly efficient care agency in Nigeria devoted to caring for the vulnerable (above 13 years), elderly, weak, disabled and the convalescent leveraging on state-of-the-art infrastructure, technology and highly trained staff.

Founded by Chika Madubuko in 2016, users can request a free assessment by filling the assessment form. Afterwards, Greymate Care will contact you to inquire about your needs, recommendations will be made and you will be provided with a caregiver at an affordable fee.

With Greymate Care, you will be able to care for your elderly no matter how very busy you are and of course, it will reduce the number of elders who die as a result of the absence of care.