Iflix Finally Launches In Nigeria

Iflix, a leading Video on Demand (VoD) service provider for emerging markets have officially announced Nigeria. Users can enjoy unlimited access to Iflix library featuring thousands of movies, popular TV shows, sports, children’s program among other content.

Iflix was launched in Malaysia and the Philippines in 2015 and has since expanded its service through 22 markets around Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Ngozi Madueke-Dozie, Iflix Nigeria Country Manager commented: “We are especially thrilled to launch Iflix in Nigeria. Iflix offers affordability, variety and convenience by giving our users an amazing selection of the best TV shows and movies from all over the world, to stream or download on any device of their choice for less than N800”.

Ngozi Madueke-Dozie, Iflix Nigeria Country Manager

Iflix has its success over the years hinged on playing in emerging markets and establishing strategic collaboration with Hollywood, entrepreneurs and Telecommunication companies. These success has been backed by funding from several investors, the latest being $133 million round led by Hearst, U.S. a media service company bringing the total investments raise by the company to $303 million.

Iflix can be accessed on up to 5 devices at once including phones, tablets, laptops TVs and other connected devices. Apart from streaming, users can also download movies and other content then watch later can also be downloaded and watched later when offline. A downloaded content remains on the device for 7 days after which it expires, however, once you begin to watch a downloaded content, its expiry is reduced to 48 hours.

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