Recently, we have observed many social networking platforms release solutions for users who are living in areas with poor network reception. Facebook has a lite version so does its Messenger app, Twitter also recently released their lite web version too. It seems Instagram does not want to be left behind.

It is important to note that Instagram does not have a lite version, its new update simply promises to let you continue enjoying the social network even when the internet service is absent. When you are offline, you will still be able to continue browsing the newsfeed, make comments, like, share and even unfollow users if you so feel inclined.

This comes shortly after its brother, Facebook, enabled offline features too. Facebook in the past would let you like and share posts only but following a recent update, it now has the ability to make comments too while offline.

It is currently not clear if Instagram stories will be accessible in no-reception areas, it was not mentioned in the report. However, owing to the fact that Snapchat lets you access them while offline, we believe Instagram will implement it to; it has laid out an all-out cloning strategy against that young platform.

In addition, the offline-Instagram will cache your profile page as well as those of people you have visited. The explore tab will also be cached too, this means that you will not need to reload any pages you have accessed previously which is a very neat idea. This will save the precious internet bundles as well as time.

Maybe the inclusion of such data saving features on the main app means that Instagram does not intend on releasing a Lite version. It would be unfortunate, a lite Instagram seems to be one of the most requested updates from the entire Facebook portfolio. For now, let’s enjoy all of Instagram even when offline.