Jambojet, Kenya’s first low-cost airline has partnered with Tria Group, an out of home (OOH) advertising and experiential marketing company to offer brands visibility throughout the Jambojet customer journey from booking, through to check-in and right up to the flight and on-board service.

According to Judy Waruiru, Jambojet Head of Sales and Marketing, “In-flight advertising is one of the few mediums where brands have the full undistracted attention of highly desirable, consumers in a calm, distraction-free environment. We are thrilled to partner with Tria Group in this venture that opens up new revenue opportunities for the airline.”

The deal will enable companies to advertise themselves via the Jambojet in-flight media which includes: table trays, boarding passes, headrests, overhead bulkheads, in-flight activations and onboard announcements.

Mr. Trushar Khetia said the deal was a very exciting opportunity for Tria OOH as it makes it go beyond public buses and malls to take brands closer to a captive audience out there.

“Jambojet will be a crucial partner for us in that it will allow us to grow further with our 360 degree out of home media strategy,” he said. “It will also allow both companies to have great returns on collective investment and to ensure that each unique brand experience is brought to life with optimum exposure on a global yet premium scale.”