South Africa’s JOBVINE GLOBAL has launched in Kenya after closing a Series A funding round for its global rollout plan.

Founded by Joubert Botha who also runs MoneyVine, Karma Digital Media and HashtagRadio in 2009, Jobvine is an online recruitment platform that connects businesses, recruiters and job seekers in South Africa, Nigeria and now Kenya.

JobVine Nigeria was launched in January 2017 and today’s launch in Kenya expands JOBVINE GLOBAL into Africa’s most lucrative markets. However, several recruitment firms are moving away from job board model where they only provide platforms for job ads, job search and CV placement and engaging in headhunting and recruitment itself.

Job boards are so old school that anyone can launch a site without any operations in a country and charge a number of premium clients to do job posting for clients, CV placement for job seekers and select a few CVs from among them then send to a client remotely.

The new age firm needs more than those online aptitude tests, CV selection and talent identification. Firms in the new age job market require recruitment firms to do more than just scream millions of CVs to narrow done on two impressive persons.

Though the marketplace model is sweet, the human factor is important in recruitment and no AI or algorithms can replace that.

JOBVINE says it’s a recruitment based website, where job seekers can scan through a selection of employment opportunities placed through recruitment agencies or individual companies. Companies and recruiters can now advertise their jobs for free on the site and manage their entire Job advertising service through JOBVINE.

These might work for recruiters who are looking for just anybody to fill a position but more established firms are looking for specific persons who are not hunting for jobs and uploading their CVs on job boards for recruiters.