Kenya’s Agri8 is currently developing an intelligent SMS bot that will empower farmers to have accesses to information, resources, and a personal assistant for their unique farm minus the need for internet access.

Through the bot, farmers will have access to real-time and future weather analysis with suggested information based on the weather and the type of crop, market prices so that they can sell their crops by simply asking Agri8’s SMS bot for market prices.

The bot can also work as Personal Assistant to teach farmers how to grow various crops or simply answer questions and provide unique support based on one’s farm.

Developed by Steve Aura, Clinton Omesa, Kevin Moturi and Polycap Nyakundi, young Kenyan tech engineers living in the United States brought together by a mutual drive to use their skills contribute something truly meaningful to the world as well as help develop their homeland, the team says historically agricultural revolutions have always been the key to national prosperity and cultural flowering.

”With Agri8 we want to spark such a revolution for these countries that are most in need. We believe technology will provide the opportunities to do just that,” said the team. ”We began in early 2016 on our mission to spark a green revolution in Africa through tech. After a ton more research and sleepless nights we finally arrived to an idea that would allow us to help farmers.”

Aura says the SMS personal assistant will use machine learning principles to provide farmers with valuable personal insights on how to manage their farms and increase their productivity. Currently, the team says the app is in a product development phase and will be working closely with farmers in Kenya to ensure the application truly meets farmers needs.