Founded and operated by Wamani Trust, Kenya’s was a bribery monitoring and reporting platform allowing people in Kenya from all walks of life to report bribery and corruption instances for free and anonymously.

The site was launched at a time when Kenya was the world’s third most corrupt country only behind South Africa and France according to audit firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Like India’s I Paid a Bribe, over 80 percent of reports are about police, govt officials and bureaucrats seeking illicit bribes before they can provide public services which are supposed to be free or illegal altogether or to get away with a punishable offense.

In Kenya, traffic police are the most naughty for getting bribes from public service transport vehicles whether the drivers of the cars are in the wrong or not. It’s become so usual that drivers pay for bribes without question to gain favor of the traffic police officers. Some other bribes include paying for police abstracts, birth certificates, Passports among others. It’s unheard off for victims of crime to report these officers for fear of victimization in case of repeat services. Anonymous reporting was aimed at helping whistle blowers avoid potential issues of libel and defamation or assassination in case the  corruption report is massive.

Anthony Ragui, the ipaidabribe founder had earlier said the site hit over 500 bribery reports. These were majorly reports about corrupt traffic police officers asking for bribes, to officials at the immigration department asking for bribes for passports and national I.Ds and school principals asking for bribes before admitting students to schools. Other cases of bribery included university lecturers asking for bribes from their students, magistrates and court clerks destroying court files and other cases such as bribing officers driving license among others.

If it was still up today, the site would be so important to report tender corruption and vote-buying in real time especially as the country gets into an election in August this year.