brings students and tutors together by listing thousands of tutors so that students will have a large pool to choose from and pick the best tutors in a subject they are learning to find and hire tutors in a few simple steps.

The platform developed by Danstan Obara and Matoke Hesbon is simple to use as it allows tutors to sign up online, add their preferred subjects then allow students to come and search through the huge database of tutors in their location, see what their fields are then click to contact them.

“ lists thousands of tutors in your area. Simply enter your region in the search box and you will view the names of various tutors in your area. Give the tutors a call or submit an online form to get free estimates for all your tuition needs,” says the firm adding that it’s a simple, quick, and easy process and users won’t be disappointed.

Most students and tutors find themselves through offline networks and friends and noticeboard at various shopping malls but, aims to help them find and hire tutors for any subject they are learning whether its an examinable subject or  for general knowledge. The platform allows tutors to charge individual rates for their services depending on the tuition duration, and level of study among others. Learners can contact the tutor of their choice and discuss payment details with them.

Once they agree on their terms, they agree on where to meet such as the student’s home or any public place. Learners rate the tutors for quality of services at the end of the lesson.