Factors You Should Consider When Choosing a Logo Design

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Everyone knows that the logo design of their company or organization speaks volumes about what they do and who they are. The reputation of a company can be built or destroyed by either a good or bad designing of their logo. In order to make the best logo design, you should understand the main purpose of having a logo. The design would fulfill the purpose of the logo in your organization. 

The main purpose of your logo should be to represent your brand fully. It is one thing that makes the company stand out in the market. Its colors, fonts, shape, and images communicate. The basic purpose of a company’s logo is for identity. Great logo designers like Paul Rand has described a logo as a signature or a flag. Whatever the logo represents is usually important than what it represents. A great logo is simple, practical, distinctive, and is great in its graphics.

Of course, logo designing and creation is not just a simple task, it takes time for the designer being in their logo creator for hours and days. However, a person who sees the outcome may think that it is just a simple task. In the creation process, the creator should always aim at the satisfaction of their needs. Here are some of the factors you should consider in choosing the best design of your logo:

Your Needs 

If you are planning to make a logo, it is advisable to always conduct a detailed interview on your client so as to know their needs and what they need to be represented. If it is for your organization, outline exactly what needs to be represented by the logo. You will then need to conduct in-depth research of the industry your organization is in so as to determine what your competitors have not done or placed in their logo. The first thing should be to aim at solving the problem that your company is planning to satisfy before you start your design.

Other Successful Designs

Of course, there are edge-cutting designs in the market that has represented their brands in the very best way. Just as you need a mentor in your career so you will need to have successful logo types and designs that came into the market before you. You need to know the trends of other logo types and how they have changed or added to their design. Remember your logo design must last long enough.

Its Simplicity

This is the key for the logo to stick into the minds of your customers. If it is a simple design, it will be memorable to their mind. In order to make it simple, it should at least feature something unique. Uniqueness is key to having a great design in your company logo. 

Its Longevity

Remember your company is not being closed the next month or year. That should tell you that you will need to have a logo that will be relevant even in the next five decades. You can be sure that a company like Nike have had their logo for years. The more timeless your logo is, the more it becomes popular among your customers. If you are in the fashion industry, you don’t need to base your logo on a certain trend that will come and go after a year. Always make sure that the design you choose will be effective even in the future.

Its Versatility

This is one of the most important factors you need to consider as long as you are planning to have your logo in diverse social media platforms. Your logo should be great in various applications hence the need to make them in vector format. With this format, they can easily be scaled to any preferable size. They will also retain their color. The color of your logo should be subjective in its nature. Don’t use a lot of colors else you will be required to dig deeper into your pocket. 

Its appropriateness

This will also be determined by its appearance and positioning. The font and its colors is an important factor. However, it is important to know that, a logo doesn’t have to show what it is offering. If you are running a hotel, you don’t need to show some food in your logo.


With the above factors, you can come up with the most appropriate design for your logo that will represent the needs of your company. Always remember that a great logo should show the brand personality that you represent. Take your time and use the right strategy to get the best design.

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