A relatively new service, Kotivu is based in Lagos, Nigeria. It launched in May 2016 and aims to provide an innovative, interactive and cost-effective educational experience. Courses are available online; there is currently no app-based service. Students include private individuals, business people, public organisations, universities and government agencies throughout Nigeria and West Africa.

The company reports a balanced portfolio of clients from a variety of industry sectors. As well as making training affordable, the service is intended to be easily accessible to employees at their place of work, thereby minimising person-hour loss.

Under its founder Stephen Ojji, Kotivu describes itself as a social impact educational software firm with three business areas: Kotivu Assess, Kotivu Recruit and Kotivu Learn. Its principal goal is client satisfaction through serving client requirements and interests and to become a loyal business partner by providing excellent workplace training programmes at affordable prices.

Courses are designed to provide a good professional grounding via the user-friendly Kotivu portal. Topics include commerce and purchasing, marketing, project management, human resources and personal assistant training. Other subjects include quality control, safety at work, financial management, innovation and leadership. Payments are made by credit card in Nigerian Naira.

Kotivu Learn facilitates learning in the student’s own space and at his or her own pace, also eliminating the need for one-way monologues from a lecturer to multiple students. The candidate is an active participant in the elearning process. Additionally, the company aims to develop strategic relationships and build its business through distance education elearning content that can be redesigned and resold.

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