Land and landed properties are valuable. Due to this, Nigerians who want to buy or perform any real estate business are very scared and skeptical. Some of the problems they are likely to encounter include buying the property from a disgruntled family member who did not seek performing to sell it from others, the land being sold to several people and the fear that you may be buying a government property.

Hence, many Nigerians who actually wants to buy properties have to do so through a third party. In fact, some of these third parties are not reliable.

To take away all these stress, has debuted to help you buy and sell your properties., which was founded by Godwin Ani in 2016, is an ecosystem that connects buyers, sellers, landowners, and realtors.

Talking about, Ani, said: “We have the vision to sponsor training to agents and we rate agents for credibility. We also have checks for fraud so the likelihood of being scammed on the site is minimal. Our aim is to take at least 20 per cent of the market in the next three years. At, we are using technology to revolutionise the way Nigerians think about real estate — land value chain in particular, and thus providing a long-term solution to the home ownership challenges and the living standard of our society.”

It is interesting to add that has over 1.4 million plots of land on its platform and more than 250 registered and certified agents. You can visit the website to search sell or buy a landed property.

In Nigeria, venturing into the real estate business is quite risky. With coming on board, we hope this is going to change.