LG Electronics has reaffirmed its continued financial support to P.C.E.A Kikuyu hospital’s orthopedic rehabilitation unit by donating four million shillings to the hospital.

The funds will be used to equip the unit with prosthetics, pay bills for needy patients as well as create awareness on the plight of persons with physical impairments.

LG has supported the hospital for 11 years with over 700 patients benefiting from the programme. Last year, the hospital supported domestic violence victim Jackline Mwende whose hands were chopped off following a domestic violence incident allegedly with her husband.

The existing partnership is currently in its 11th year since LG got on board to support PCEA Kikuyu Hospital and the orthopedic patients who have been benefiting from the donations to see a better tomorrow.

Speaking during the ceremony to handover the 4million donation Cheque,LG Electronics East Africa Chief Financial Officer Jinho Seok spoke of the need to scale-up financial support for the unit in the coming years to accommodate more people. He invited more well-wishers to join hands with the company.

The most common causes of physical impairments include accidents and diseases.

PCEA Kikuyu Hospital receives over 500 cases annually from across the country requiring prosthetics annually but owing to the high cost of treatment, it is only about half of that number that gets support to acquire artificial limbs.

The average cost for above knee prosthesis for both adults and children is about Sh 50,000 while below knee prosthesis for both is about Sh30, 000.

On his part, the hospital’s CEO Mr. Patrick Kimpiatu applauded LG Electronics for making the partnership work, and more so for its commitment in this worthy cause that has over the years seen hundreds of people with amputated legs and arms from across the country supported to acquire artificial limbs.

“Disability from such amputations, no doubt hinders full participation in the economic and social life development of the affected. I am however glad that LG’s contribution has seen some of those people get back to playing an active role in the society as contributors to the economy and in a way lessened their burden,” said Mr. Kimpiatu.