LG today launched a new Microwave line by the name NeoChef; it is set to play the role of a chef in the modern kitchen. The high end version of the microwave has the abilities to grill, fry and even bake, all with the press of a button. It executes all this functions while still being able to save energy as well as time.

From left, the Solo version, the Grill version and the Convectional version on the far right

The NeoChef line of microwave comes in three types, the Solo version; which does basic microwaving – heating up foods and drinks. The Grill version adds grilling features on top of normal microwaving. Finally we have the Convectional type, this one is at the top of the range, it can grill, fry, bake and also microwave.

Chef Raphael demonstrates how to grill meat using LG NeoChef during the Kenyan launch

“As the name suggests, there’s no cooking job that this microwave cannot handle including baking, frying, grilling as well as warming and even defrosting of foods”, said Mr. Janghoon Chung, Managing Director, East and Central Africa. He was speaking during an event to formally launch the product in Kenya held at the company’s regional headquarters in Nairobi.

All the three NeoChef microwaves come in a beautiful minimalist design that uses one seamless slab of glass on the door and touch controls. The convectional one, however, comes dominantly in metallic finish together with glass on the door window. The highlight feature they commonly share is the Smart Inverter. This technology uses linear power control between 300 to 1,200 watts to evenly cook or defrost food all the way through. Normal microwaves lock their power at a flat 800 watts limit making leading to slower cooking and consume more energy consumption. In fact, LG demoed microwaving pop corns on stage using a microwave with smart inverter and another one lacking the technology. By the time the NeoChef was done popping all the corn, the other one was not even half way there. The NeoChef is 1.5 times faster in cooking than other microwaves while saving you up to a whopping KShs 20,000 in power costs per year. In addition, the technology ensures that cooking is done evenly, such that all parts of the food receive equal amount of heat.

LG Electronics’ East Africa Product Manager-Home Appliances Mr. Hangsuk Song is assisted by Chef Raphael to sample a piece of chicken grilled using the company’s latest efficient, versatile cooking and energy saving microwave dubbed NeoChef.

“From delicately fermenting yoghurt, to melting chocolate, to popping corn, the LG Inverter microwave is a versatile cooking solution. With just one appliance, the NeoChef microwave oven, our customers can bake, warm, fry, defrost and cook,” added Chung.

The NeoChef also comes with a redesigned turntable ring which resembles a hexagon. This new ring ensures that your food does not topple down on the sides while being rotated in the microwave. Moreover, the new ring can handle up to 2kgs instead of the 1.6kg of a similar sized microwave. Speaking of sizes, the appliance has 2 more liters than an equally sized one from other manufacturers; this is due to better space management of the cavity inside.

For those looking to buy one, you can find them on the new LG online brand shop or major retailers around you. The NeoChef Solo goes for KES 17,500, the Grill version retails at KES 24,500 and the top of the range Convectional version sells at KES 48,500. All three NeoChef microwaves are already available in leading stores but LG promised to have them in more shelves in the coming days.

Here is a summary of the features as indicated on the press release

Key Features of the NeoChef™:

Smart Inverter Technology: LG’s Smart Inverter technology allows for flexibility to select the power level at the start of the cooking process and varies the power delivered during the cooking process depending on the cooking option selected.

99.99% Anti-Bacterial Coating: makes cleaning simple and convenient with the Anti-Bacterial EasyClean™ interior, which eliminates 99.99%2 of harmful bacteria from the internal surface.

Healthy Fry: with an air fry method of cooking the Convection ovens in the NeoChef™ range can reduce the amount of residual fat in potato wedges by up to 72%1 so you can skip the deep fryer and use your microwave.

Stable Turntable: the hexagonal ring stabilizes the turntable with six support points, which helps prevent off-center items from tipping and spilling during cooking.

More Even Heating and Defrosting: take the worry out of thawing your food and achieve m