Electronics manufacturer, LG has introduced 4K OLED TVs in the Kenyan market as the festive season jets in expecting to make a sale or two of its most expensive line of TVs.

An OLED TV screen uses self-lighting Organic Light Emitting Diodes to make TVs thinner, brighter and more energy efficient. Adding 4K or four times the pixels on Full HD screen (1920 x 1080), these TVs are the best in the market.

LG yesterday unveiled two models in flat and curved configurations and two sizes-led by 55-and-65- inch ranging between Ksh500,000 and Ksh800,000.

“We are pleased to introduce 4K OLED TVs to Kenyan consumers, 4K TV is a much more superior type of OLED TV, a demonstration of our commitment to continuous innovation in order to deliver unparalleled at-home viewing experience,” said Moses Marji, General Manager Marketing, LG Electronics.

LG says 4K OLED TVs will see consumers enjoy awe-inspiring picture with perfect blacks and incredible color, even from wide viewing angles unlike any LCD/LED TV can deliver.

Blacks rendered by OLED TV are up to 200 times deeper than those of an LCD panel, creating an infinite contrast ratio and bringing colors to life like never before possible.

LG OLED TVs were launched for the first time in 2013, ushering in a brand-new category of television in the world. Both experts and consumers alike consider it the best picture quality on the market today.

OLED this is the most important advancement in TV technology in more than a decade, and LG is riding on that wave, investing more into Ra vast improvement over both LCD and plasma,” added Marji