SEO (which stands for Search Engine Optimization) is a very useful tool for increasing the Internet ranking of any website. The higher the rank a website has, the more visitors it will have. Because of that, SEO has become essential for many business marketing strategies. It is quite a complex tool, including lots of website elements, such as code, competition, page titles, headers, content, keywords and organization. For this reason it can become really tiring to run a SEO campaign. But how do you know if the campaign is working?

Work with a SEO analytics program.

These specialized SEO analytics programs do the tracking and the reporting on the data you choose. As such, you can use them to evaluate whether your SEO campaign is really working. Keep in mind that there are some web hosting companies that offer free or low prices on analytic services. Moreover, there are lots of specialized programs online, complete with a large array of tools and measurements, on various prices.

Use a record.

Make a habit of recording the state in which your website is. After you begin using an analytic program, record the first results. This will be the baseline against which you will measure future results. Then you can start applying whatever SEO strategies you choose. It will be useful to see if they are indeed giving any results over time, and you will know what to compare them to.

Get technical.

Though it can be confusing, you should really get familiar with all the new terms and concepts. Use the metrics from the SEO analyzing program in order to see how is your website evolving. All the various aspects you will see tend to correlate with each other, so you should assess them all. Check out the traffic, the number of visitors, the competitive websites, what keywords are bringing new visitors and how often, what pages are indexed and recognized by the search engines and so on.

Keep a calendar.

Ideally, you should use two separate calendars that are correlated. Make a constant task of watching the success of your SEO. You can ask the SEO analytics program to provide the reports in the calendar form or you can use a spreadsheet on your own for custom calendars. Compare the weeks, the months and the years and see what proved to be successful for you.

Look around you.

You may want to know what’s up around your area. Are there any local websites like yours? Is there a special company around? You can find all this with the help of a Google search. If you’re looking for marketing seo chicago, then you can see how you’re standing with a mere Google query.