Email and push notification startup SendPulse and Ghana’s MEST have partnered to launch a $5000 grant Startup Accelerator Program
$5,000 for startups on the forefront of email marketing development.

Open to all startup globally, the challenge will see participants re receive comprehensive assistance in the development of email marketing among startup teams. The firm also aims to use its experience and resources to help other startups be market leaders from successful.

” We have become one of the most successful companies that participated in the Starta Accelerator program, and we know what it takes to build a startup. We will share vital experience and the resources necessary for a startup,” said guys at SendPulse. The $5,000 Grant
This money will be added to your account and users will receive mentoring from SendPulse experts and assistance in building email marketing strategies for their startups.

A SendPulse designer will design and create for participants a unique corporate email template for all their mailings and will provide a personal tutor
to treach them how to implement marketing strategies and how to create autoresponders, and customize the service to suit their needs.
SendPulse operates a multichannel platform for email, SMS and web-push notifications with easy integration with CRM and CMS.
SendPulse aims to help you to grow your startup using email marketing and the is a $5,000 grant and equity free. The grant is provided for one year and the remain funds at the end of the period will disappear from your account.  All money can be used to pay for any SendPulse services other than SMS services.