Before all the hubs came on the scene, iHub was the de facto meeting place for startup entrepreneurs, investors and corporate firms and of course bloggers. Those days, the entire tech ecosystem hovered around iHub, then from the success of iHub, everyone built their own hubs, but iHub knew its future was unique.

Mettā, a community for entrepreneurs and innovators has officially opened its second flagship location in Nairobi after its launch a Hong Kong in May this year making it a new home for entrepreneurs in East Africa as well as a pioneering networking platform with plans to link local founders to their counterparts and investors internationally.

According to Maurice Otieno, Head of Operations and Ecosystem Development at Mettā, “Events at Mettā stir up purposeful conversations, great learning and connections across cities to relevant people. Since our soft opening two months ago we have hosted 66 live events, over 150 members signed up and over 2,000 people are part of our community. We look forward to supporting the growth of Kenya’s vibrant ecosystem and are excited about the prospect of giving talented founders access to opportunities across the continent and globally”.

Otieno adds that through Mettā, founders can connect different ecosystems across the globe and share learnings and insights to form transformative partnerships and open innovation agendas.

Mettā Nairobi will link with Mettā Hong Kong to give local entrepreneurs will gain direct access to Asia’s thriving startup economies, connecting them with investors and new business leads that provide opportunities to scale into new markets

unnamed2Like its Hong Kong sister club, which has signed up more than 800 members in just six members, the Nairobi club will host regular events curated by its members to drive thought leadership and encourage collaboration on topics around business and innovation.

The Nairobi club aims to become an ideal environment for entrepreneurs to engage in open dialogue and connect with some of the most influential members of Kenya’s startup and business communities.