HitPesa, an affordable advertising platform that connects business and personalities to prospective audience based on location, age, and gender has gone live to deliver adverts to your phone so that you earn instant cash or airtime.

hitpesa_featuredAvailable on Android, HitPesa allows businesses and individuals to advertise a product or service to a targeted audience either by location, age, gender then asks the users to send feedback about the product or advert then reward them with cash or airtime instantly.

“The adverts are sent to users phones. Advertisers get feedback and a free website. HitPesa reward viewers for paying attention,” Evans Ndegwa of Muva.co.ke told TechMoran.

device-2017-03-07-233428(1)Ndegwa says the firm didn’t just come up with he platform to make money.

“We were inspired by the need to access an affordable, convenient advertising platform that could help us access certain demographics who are interested in our business. We wanted to reach users by location, gender and age that is relevant to our business,” he said.

Targeted at users in Kenya for now with plans to expand to other markets across Africa, HitPesa allows users to sign up for an account by proving their names, phone number, gender, country of residence, age group to allow the firm to accurately deliver custom adverts to users. When a HitPesa user interacts with an ad and gives feedback to the advertiser directly, he is she is rewarded in either cash or airtime which accumulates the more ads one interacts with.

hitpesa logo512The firm is now signing up as many users as possible to act as both advertisers and viewers. Advertisers will gain by having an affordable platform able to reach hundreds of users in their location and a certain age unlike conventional advertising which requires one to pay thousands of shillings for an ad to the general mass.

“We are taking on conventional ways of advertising such as radio, TV, posters among others which is expensive and non-specific. Even when you look at Google ads, YouTube and Facebook ads, they are yet to be specific to a certain location in Kenya. They generalize by town but with HitPesa we can target users by residential estate,” Ndegwa told TechMoran.