Only a handful of students own businesses that would provide money to cater for their needs in school. But the case of Eniola Banjo who owns TopCakes is different. She took advantage of free cake classes to learn how to bake. With her baking knowledge, she started TopCakes in 2012. Banjo tells us about how she started and much more. Excerps.

Can you tell us about yourself?

I am Eniola Banjo, a graduate of the university of Lagos Business administration. I am a trained and experienced baker. I started in 2012

Tell us about what your startup?

Top cakes is a business that longs to meet the needs of its clients. Top cakes started in my university days, after going through periods of training at Dan Olive confectioneries and also attended lots of free classes. Top cakes started off from baking for friends in school, families and church members.

 We offer different kinds of cakes from birthday to wedding, anniversaries, bridal shower, baby shower, house warming etc and pastries. We give our clients what is been expected of us and we deliver just in time.

What motivated you to start your business?

My motivation was the passion for baking. The love for the job and my parents.

 What was starting like and how were you able to deal with finance? 
Starting was fair because I had support from parents, friends who were willing help me out. Concerning funds, my parents funded to an extent, contributions from families also made the difference. The truth is that finance is one serious aspect of business.  I realised this very earlier but even at that, it wasn’t easy for me.  I had to bring in a close friend who was able to help handle it which made it easy for me.


What have you leant about entrepreneurship so far?

It has been God’s grace. So far, entrepreneurship has been really challenging, I have experienced a lot of ups and down which I know its part of it. The experience so far has been awesome at the same time, connecting with people, building confidence, getting to know things, willingness to learn because I know it will be helpful.

What are some of the challenges you have encountered in your entrepreneurial journey?

There are lots of gain in entrepreneurship just as we have lots of challenges. The gains include: you have the freedom to choose how you want your business to look like, you have more than enough time to invest in your business while the challenges are you are dealing with the unknown. decision making, constantly coming up with ideas and finance

Advice for Nigerians who intend to start a cake business?
You must count the cost before going into it and go in with the mind of conquering whatever the challenges might me.


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