Job platform  MyJobMag has launched having gathered salary data from over one thousand job positions in about two thousand companies and thirty-four industries cutting across the country.

The firm says it gathered the data from firms in thirty-six states of the country to help users get to know the salary of the job position users are applying for or hope to apply for in future.

The firm says the salary information is simply aimed at killing the secrecy in Nigerian salaries scales and making its users knowledgeable. Users will now more about the company they are interviewing for. They will know about its pros and cons and other relevant information of the company that could just give them an edge over the other interviewees and prospects for the job.

According to the firm, the increasing rise in unemployment and strict mode of interviews adopted by companies recently makes it important to know about a company firsthand. These information will give users an edge in the interview and is likely to get them the job. Prospective employees overtime have been known to distinct themselves from others by gathering adequate information about a company before they interview with them.

“ helps you read the reviews from employees of your prospective firms. Thus getting you closer to get the job. Getting the information about the average market rate of the job position you are applying for or you are currently working in is the quickest way to know that,” said the firm. helps users know the average market salary for all job positions in Nigeria and is focused on helping them to evaluate their offers, bargain for more pay, get firsthand reviews on prospective companies and ultimately encourage them to ask for current salary reviews to be at par with the rest in the industry.

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