If you own a car in Nigeria, one of the problems you will definitely be familiar or encounter is getting a trusted, reliable and skilled mechanic. This is very difficult despite the fact that there are many of them around. It is either they overcharge you, buy fake or substandard tools for your car or your car is worse off than when you took it to them. In summary, there are many quack mechanics out there who pose as professionals.

As a result, very few car owners want to deal with these roadside mechanics. They won’t therefore, mind a platform that will connect them to skilled mechanics at a reasonable amount.

Such a platform is here and it is called MyMotorFix.

MyMotorFix is a two-in-one online vehicle repair platform that gives customers access to curated vehicle repair workshops and warranty-backed auto replacement parts that they can pay for in monthly instalments.

Founded by Henry Eniediabasi Brain, potential customers can book a mechanic for repairs and deposit in escrow, the repair fee agreed with the mechanic for the job.

Besides booking or finding mechanics, MyMotorFix is also a startup to purchase original spare parts as well as hire towing vehicles.

You won’t be wrong if you describe the startup as a one-stop centre for repairing your car. However, it has autobox and autofactorng among others as competitors.