An empowered Africa comes by giving the required resources to its young people.

Founded by Benerd Momanyi and Levis Njehia, Onesha seeks to help students and universities in Africa organize their past school and personal projects into beautiful digital portfolios. With Machine learning and A.I, they leverage on those projects to connect students to more economic opportunities like jobs, internships and scholarships. They analyze projects data to help universities understand skills distribution of their students and identify skills gap among their learners.

Most employers would go ahead and hire you based on past work experience and skills included in CVs’ and nothing else, disadvantaging students trying to find internships and entry level jobs, despite numerous projects the students had undertaken while in school.

As such, Onesha, is a web platform that allows users to build a portfolio of their projects by uploading multimedia content and match them to jobs based on their skills. Onesha also enables you to create a visual CV and help you highlight your abilities and where you have achieved success. Personalise your CV with information in your profile and let them match your skills to your job.

The creative economy in particular is one of the fastest growing in the world having grown at an average of 14 percent between 2002 and 2008.The Kenyan creative industry alone is worth about Sh25 billion which represents one percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as according to a survey conducted by Zimele Asset Management Company.

Onesha seeks to bridge the gap between employers looking for entry level staff and job seekers in the creative areas which include art, crafts, fashion, music, TV, radio, advertising, video games, publishing and performing arts.

Onesha started off with KES 70,000 in capital back in 2015 and already has 8 institutions with several others in the pipeline. They also have over 2500 students and more 1000 professionals signed up on there on the platform signed up.

Onesha believes that they have the competitive edge to being the first in region in building a platform that brings the whole creative society under one unified web platform that works with portfolios to help students find jobs. They have already managed to represent Africa at the 2016 Global Students Entrepreneurs Awards.

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